10 Tips for Traveling in the Car with Your Pets


Know some safe ways of traveling with your pets in the car? We recognize the importance of creating a comfortable environment for your pet. That’s why we’ve put together 10 safe travel guidelines for those who enjoy traveling with their pets.

If you’re used to taking your pet for a long trip, then going for a journey without it is just no fun. However, traveling in the car with your pets can, at times, be stressful for you and your four-legged companion. That’s why you need to adopt thoughtful preparation techniques to ensure a safe as well as a cozy trip for everyone. Here are our 10 brilliant recommendations!

1. Keep Your Four-Legged Buddy in a Safe Container or Crate

Although this might feel as if you’re confining your four-legged pal to a sort of cell, it’s one of those safety measures that you should never take lightly. Ensure that the crate or container you pick is large enough to accommodate every movement of your pet.

Now, if your pets are not used to traveling while inside a ‘box,’ introduce him or her to it short periods while at home. It’s one of the most straightforward tips for traveling with pets with a high chance of getting agitated.

2. When Traveling in the Car with Your Pets, Carry an Extra Bag of Pet Essentials

Just like you have some things which you always take whenever you’re going on a trip, your pet requires a few crucial items too. Good examples of these car travel with pets essentials include:

  • A Leash
  • Collar
  • Vaccination copies
  • Materials for cleaning its messes
  • A blanket and toy

3. Always Carry Enough Food and Water

If you’re already used to traveling in the car with our pets, then you know that a simple change in its diet can easily cause discomfort in its digestive system. But it’s not only that as research also shows that even though some dogs love visiting water sources, they are another leading cause of animal tummy aches. To keep your animal companion safe from such terrible ordeals, feed him or her food that it’s used to having.

4. A Simple Meal before Departure is Important!

Traveling in the car with your pets is bound to make them fall hungry at one point. To prevent this from happening, we’ve found that it’s better to give them a light snack before you depart. Even so, avoid feeding them while on the journey unless you stop for a prolonged period or when you arrive at your destination.

5. Never Leave It Locked in a Vehicle

Of course, there are times when traveling in the car with your pets, you’ll stop for refreshments or to relieve yourself. You may also want to stretch your legs a little bit before you continue driving. In all these scenarios, never leave your buddy locked in the car. Other than emotional distress, it can also freeze and overheat depending on how the vehicle adapts to the changes in weather.

6. Identification is Important When Traveling with Pets

If you have decided to use a microchip system for pet identification, counter check to see if all your contact details are in perfect order before leaving. You could even include a tag containing your phone number on your pal’s collar. This ensures that buddy finds his or her way back to you, in case both of you get separated.

7. Take Constant Stops to Rest

If you’re still learning how to travel with a pet in a car, remember that they require bathroom breaks like humans do! Don’t think that it will ‘handle its business’ in the container; it’s simply too embarrassing for it to poop when you’re around. So, make sure you at least stop every 3 hours to give your pet enough time to relieve and stretch itself.

8. Only Use Tranquilizers from Your Veterinary Doctor!

If you decide to sedate your pet during the journey, avoid giving him over-the-counter human medications or medicine meant for a different animal. This poses a greater risk other than just indigestion as it may lead to the eventual death of your four-legged companion.

9. Kids Should Not Make Your Pet Angry!

We normally see kids with their dogs having fun in parks. However, the best way to travel with pets and kids with the car is to lay the proper ground rules. What does this mean? Well, remind the children that traveling does not necessarily mean that it’s time to play.

Tell them if they anger the pet they would only make the journey difficult for everyone. In fact, what may seem like mere playtime session may often lead to unforeseen catastrophes for those traveling.

10. Prepare to Arrive At Your Destination

Here’s something that you should never forget, especially if you’re still learning how to travel with pets in your car. While it may sound pretty straightforward, it’s something which many people seem to take for granted. So, check if you have booked friendly accommodations for your pet and stay updated on extra fees which may pop up within the course of your stay.


If you keep these tips for safe traveling in the car with your pets in mind before taking any journey in the future, you’ll have one of the most exciting and fun experiences. These basic preparations will take away a lot of stress resulting from prolonged car rides. That being said, tell us, which methods do you use when traveling with pets in your car?

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