How Dog Parks Are Great for the Community

Do you ever wish there was a place to take your furry friend and let them run free without worrying? Welcome to the magic of dog parks. A dog park is the perfect fenced-in area to let your dog run around, explore their surroundings and meet other dogs. It's not just a benefit to dogs — you can meet like-minded dog owners and draw in more members of the community. Here are 10 ways that dog parks are great for the community.

1. Better-Behaved Dogs

Regular exercise and socialization lead to better-behaved dogs. Studies show that a lack of exercise is one of the main reasons dogs act out. Instead of leaving your dog to run circles around the bed every night, take them to the dog park where they can let out all their pent-up energy. More active breeds especially will need more than just regular walks and can benefit from a dog park.

2. More Exercise for You

The flip side is that you get more exercise as well. A dog park is a great place to play fetch or run around with your dog especially if you don't have a home with any green space. If you just adopted your dog or brought your new puppy home, you can also use a dog park to practice obedience training or other commands that you don't have space for.

3. A Goldmine of Training Tips

You get endless educational opportunities just by taking your dog to the local dog park. There's no need to read 50 books on how to train your dog to interact with other dogs, simply watch the other experienced owners at the dog park. Scout out the dog parents with well-behaved dogs running around and ask how they did it.

4. Overall Safer Community

At this point, you're probably thinking, how can a simple dog park make my community safer? It goes back to the point above. When you have a dog park in the community that lets you and others teach their dogs to socialize in a safe and friendly manner, there's less fighting between dogs and helps create less aggressive dogs. Your community will be safer with little teddy bears walking the street thanks to their time at the dog park.

5. Safety for Your Best Friend

You can't control the actions of other dog owners. You might think you're going for a nice walk in an on-leash park when another dog that's off the leash can annoy or come after your dog. A dog park increases the safety of your best friend since dogs are less likely to attack when everyone is in a leash-free zone. Plus, exercise will reduce behavioral issues keeping your dog safe even when you're going for a walk around the neighborhood.

6. Better Shelters

Overcrowded shelters are a problem, and it's a safe bet that there's at least one in your community that has too many dogs and not enough space. How do dog parks relate to this problem? Well, one of the reasons people drop their pets off at shelters is because of behavioral issues. When you reduce those issues, more people keep their pets and shelters are free to find the perfect match between dogs and humans.

7. Endless Play Dates

Your dog is just like a human — they need friends to keep up an active social life. A dog park presents the opportunity to meet new friends every time you go. Plus, as more dogs get adopted and more people move to their area, your dog will always have a steady stream of new faces walking through the dog park gates.

8. Happier Neighbors

You love dogs, but do you really love the dog that lives above you and barks all hours of the day? It's even worse when your dog is the one who barks and annoys all the neighbors around you. Taking your dog to the dog park can help them get the energy out and bark with their friends in a place where it's considered less rude than your one-bedroom apartment.

9. More Dog Fanatics

Did you know that when a dog park comes to town, more people come with it? More people are looking for pet amenities when they move to a new community. A dog park can increase property values and discourage crime and loitering in your neighborhood to bring in more fellow dog lovers.

10. Physically Healthy Dogs

Last but not least, a dog park keeps your dog healthy. Inactivity leads to obesity and other health problems in your companion. Taking them to the dog park for regular exercise in addition to walks will keep them living long and healthy lives by your side.

Your Community Needs a Dog Park

Whether you just moved to the area or you've been eyeing up a patch of green for years, petition your community members for a local dog park. Your dog, your neighbors and the entire community, will start to see the benefits that one small dog park can make.

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