Why Dogs are So Important for the People to Be Productive and Efficient in Their Profession

It is a well-known fact that dogs are the best friends of their owners. Of course, they cannot completely replace communication with other people but it is not the main goal of owning a pet. However, dogs will never leave you in the hardest times, will not betray or lie to you as they are sincere and loyal animals that want to care for you and get care in response.

What is more, some companies allow their employees to bring their dogs with them to work in order to provide a friendly and loyal atmosphere. Based on the top 5 essay writing services related to the investigation of the connection between people and their pets, this article is dedicated to the research on how dogs help people to be productive and efficient in their profession.

Bringing comfort

When the working day is long, you are concentrated on a huge number of tasks and information related to different subjects. When your pet is near you, you really feel like you are at home - comfortable, relieved, and pleasant. Eventually, dogs can reduce the stress and intense situations which happen to us every day, especially at work. You may think that such an atmosphere only relaxes people and takes away the willingness to execute their daily tasks. On the contrary, the feeling of comfort brings people inspiration and even more motivation to finish their work successfully and as soon as possible.


If you think that we dedicated too much attention to stress relief then you might be wrong. We feel stress and tension every day with no weekends - complex tasks at work, home routine, expensive bills, family problems, illnesses, and many other factors. Dogs are one of the excellent distractors to stop working for a while and have some rest playing with your pet. It is a great way to warm up, give some relaxation to the eyes and mind. Nobody will punish you for 5-minute rest with your dog that will help you increase productivity and avoid stressful situations.

Enhancement of social interactions at work

Bringing dogs to the workplace enables communication between the employees and brings a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to the office. It helps to build relationships with your colleagues, find some common interests and become friends in the future. Of course, it is vital to control the time spent talking with your co-workers about your dog so as not to decrease your efficiency and miss the deadlines.

Health influence

Owning a dog has a positive impact on human health. Everyday walking is always a good idea but when you have a dog, you have no choice as it needs to go for a walk despite the daytime and weather. HABRI says that people who own dogs save at least $419 million of healthcare costs. Eventually, when you have a healthy body and clear mind, your productivity and focus on important tasks can easily remain high and become even better.

Overtime is not a problem

We all have different jobs and some of them require frequent overtime, not because your boss is strict but because of a huge number of tasks needed to be done in time. Of course, people are commonly paid for the workovers but it is not so crucial as your mental health. As we have already mentioned, dogs help people distract and overcome stress much more easily. So after a long day, you are still full of inspiration, motivation, and creativity to finish all your tasks and take your dog for a walk back home or to meet your dog at home if you are not allowed to bring your pet with you.

Tips for arranging pet-policy at work

So let’s take a closer look at situations when your boss or colleagues are against you bringing your dog to work and implementing pet policy within your organization. It can happen for many reasons, among which are allergies, fear or personal dislike of dogs, small offices having no or limited access to Internet and low page speed and no available conditions, and so on.

Due to the reviews on writing services that investigate the impact of dogs on people`s productivity, we have prepared some useful tips that will help you arrange the pet policy at your work and make your colleagues love your dog.

Ensure that nobody has an allergy

This point is really important as your dog can be harmful to your colleagues. If your dog plays a big role in your daily productivity and efficiency, you can ask your boss if you can work remotely several days a week or a month. It will help you avoid misunderstanding with other employees and enhance your work productivity as well.

Explain that your dog is not a threat

If you are not allowed to bring your dog to the office because of someone's personal dislike, the reason for that might lie in the fear of dogs. However, we all know that dogs are mostly friendly and that people are more frightening than animals in general. You can talk to your colleagues who mind for your dog and explain how cute and necessary for your work your dog really is.

Try to create a pet policy with your chief

We are sure that you are not alone and that other workers would love to bring their pets to work in order to execute their tasks with pleasure and higher efficiency. It is a good point to talk to your head and try to create a pet policy for your office with a particular range of rules and punishments for their violations. Thus, each of you will know the boundaries and will keep their pets close to them.

Dog training

To make your dog well-behaved while you are working, it is vital to dedicate your time to training with your dog. You can do it yourself or hire a special trainer to learn several commands needed to follow the pet policy rules and teach how to be a good and tamed dog. Moreover, you can cooperate with your colleagues to visit or arrange such training together and acquaint your pets to avoid conflicts at your work.

To sum up things

Well, dogs and other pets definitely mean a lot to their owners and they want to care for them as much as possible. Bringing dogs to work is gaining momentum and becoming a real trend all over the world. The chiefs are usually interested in the physical and mental health of their workers and want to see them happy but at the same productive and efficient enough to execute their daily tasks.

Working with your pets is a great experience that you and your teammates should surely try. All of you will forget about stress and workovers as a piece of home will always be right next to you to calm you down or distract you from negative thoughts and moods.

About the Author: 

Anna likes writing from her university years. When she graduated from the Interpreters Department, she realized that translation was not so interesting, as writing was. She trains her skills now working as a freelance writer on different topics. Always she does her best in the posts and articles.

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