Useful Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Pet Owners

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Though you adore your furry little friends, the fact is – sometimes they can create an unbelievable mess. Even if well-trained, cats and dogs kept inside your home tend to shed and leave their fur stuck in your light carpet. And it is not just the tidiness; keeping a pet indoors can affect the scent. Keeping your house spotless and odorless is a challenge, but there are a couple of tricks you should learn; all you need to do is put in some regular effort and stick to that cleaning routine.

Measures of prevention

If you just brought in a new member of your family and they still haven’t had the chance to leave their mark, there are several things you can do to minimize the mess.

  • - Fighting the fur. Care for your pet on a daily basis, meaning – brush your dog’s or cat’s fur every single morning. But stick to this! Don’t do it for one or two mornings and then start coming up with excuses why you don’t have the time to do it. Your pet will love it and, trust us, so will you. Once you incorporate this into your daily routine you will see just how therapeutic it can be. What is more, brushing them will rid them of dead skin, what will result in your pet looking and smelling much better.
  • - Stuffy smell. Spend a day or two figuring out where your little furry friend’s favorite hangout places are. Then take your fabric softener, damp a cloth in it and put under the bed, sofa, chair or cushions, that is, places where your cat or dog sit occasionally, and their smell will not be able to spread as easily.
  • - Dirt defense. Make sure there are mats both inside and outside of your (every) door to minimize the amount of dirt your friends brings on their paws. Also, opt for the mats that can be washed in a machine, so that you can clean them easily on a weekly basis (at least).
  • - Pet food. Keep it in well-sealed containers, because if you leave it open, the food will not just release unbearable odors, it will attract bugs and rodents.
  • - Obligatory cleaning tools. At all times, keep at your hand’s reach a bucket with a spray stain removers, paper towels, old rages and disposable disinfectant wipes, as accidents happen when you least expect them.


Dealing with the mess

Nevertheless, once you spend a few months or years with your furry friends, you will realize the above-listed measures of prevention were there just to keep your home less messy. You will still have to:

  • - Vacuum regularly. Your pet is bound to shed, and if you have only one in your home, once or twice a week is more than enough. However, if we are talking about an almost-an-old-cat-lady syndrome, every other day is obligatory (if you wish to keep it clean, of course).
  • - Deep cleaning. Still, from time to time, you will have to opt for professionals who offer carpet cleaning in Perth, because of the dander, mites and hair that can get stuck deep in the fiber. Furthermore, if you or any of your family members are prone to allergies, professional cleaning is obligatory every few months.
  • - Fur removal. Even though you probably brush your pet on a daily basis, your carpets and furniture are still going to be full their fur. To rid of it, you can run a latex glove or a rubber over the surface you wish to clean; if you are in a hurry, take advantage of a lint roller.
  • - Unpleasant odors. After some time, your home is bound to pick up your pet’s specific scent, and baking soda is the most effective solution for it. Sprinkle it on your furry friend’s bed, carpets, furniture and all other surfaces they hang out on. Let the baking soda sink in for a while and then vacuum it after a few hours. Furthermore, you can mix baking soda and water spray to mist the air, or even use vinegar – both proved to be extremely effective in beating pet odors.


If you don’t tend to your home regularly, it is bound to take a toll on the décor. For this reason, we highly recommend following the listed steps, so that you ensure your home looks just like before you introduced new family member(s).    

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