Top 9 Tips for a Healthy, Happy Pup

As dog owners, we love and value our pets more than almost anything else. A well-known desire amongst pet owners is for their dogs to live forever, keeping their pups by their side for the rest of their lives. We all know this isn't achievable, but there are many ways to keep our furry companion around longer naturally. By following some of the tips listed below, long life and happiness with being much more achievable for your furry friend.

Tip 1: Regular Exercise Keeps Your Dog Active Longer

Dogs are naturally an active species so taking your dog for a walk, run, or park visit is a great way to tire them out and maintain a healthy weight. Daily exercise will strengthen your dog's health and keep them physically fit.

We pet parents should make the effort to keep their pups physically healthy- even if it means waking up an hour early to take a morning stroll! It also allows them to exercise mentally and take in a variety of senses and smells!

Tip 2: Mental Exercise is Equally as Important

Physical exercise is a doggy necessity, but not all owners are aware of mentally exercising their pups. Without mentally stimulating and exercising your pup, they will quickly fall into boredom and display unwanted behaviors, like destroying your favorite clothes, digging into your couch, or scratching your wall and doors. Mentally exercising will satisfy their need for stimulation from when their ancestors used to hunt and significantly strengthen the bond between owner and pup!

There are many ways to mentally exercise your dog, like PLAY tunnel or ZoomieRex Incrediball. Training and outings also serve as a mental exercise.

So, teach your dog a new trick and show off to your friends and family or go on an adventure with your furry companion to take in the different sights and scents!

Tip 3: A Proper Diet is Key

Like humans, a dog can't reach its full potential without a healthy diet. Unfortunately, many dogs' diets are oftentimes neglected because some of us are in the dark when it comes to their nutrition. Big companies have spent large marketing spend to persuade owners that dry dog food is fine for our dogs but in reality, they lack the proper nutritional balance needed for optimal nutrition.

Luckily, pet parents are more educated on their dog's nutritional needs. We now know that rather than kibble, dogs thrive on a BARF (Bones and Raw Food) diet. A raw diet is the most natural and biological diet for dogs.

Dogs are descendants of wolves and are designed to consume raw meat- they have sharp teeth for tearing at meat, an acidic stomach to kill bacteria, and the drive to chase after prey. By feeding your dog a complete & balanced raw diet like Cali Raw, you allow them their natural nutritional needs, and your dog will be much healthier in the long run!

Tip 4: Grooming Isn't Just for Good Looks

Many dog owners overlook grooming as part of their pup's health because they think it's solely for cosmetics. However, grooming your dog is essential for their health. While each pet is different, they all have basic grooming needs that must be met.

Nail clipping, baths, and flea elimination are all important for every dog, no matter their breed or coat texture. For the best results, set up a grooming routine for your pup and stick to it!

Tip 5: Check-Up With A Holistic Vet

Like humans, the last place a dog wants to go is to the vet which can be very expensive. Many owners use this reason to put off trips and checkups. However going to the vet every once in a while will allow you to know how your dog's health is. Holistic vets also emphasize on preventative care rather than feeding your dog medicine which hides symptoms than curing the cause.

Tip 6: Understand Your Dog's Signals

Knowing how to read your dog's body language is a huge factor in dog ownership. Your dog's basic posture and positioning can tell you a lot about how they are feeling- some commonly known signs are snarling teeth for aggression or a wagging tail for excitement.

Not all dogs are the same, however, and not all dogs communicate with the same signals. The longer you own your dog and give them your attention, the quicker you'll learn your pup's signals! By learning how to read your dog's feelings from their body language, you will be able to tell when they are uncomfortable, sick, or anxious. Once you know the root cause of your pup's discomfort, you can take the steps from there to fix it.

Tip 7: Look at Their Poop

Although most owners wouldn't enjoy analyzing their dog's poop every day, it's important to know what's going on in your dog's digestive system. Your dog's poop can tell you a lot about their current health, such as if they are intolerant or allergic to the food.

Tip 8: Brush Their Teeth (No Matter How Much They Hate it!)

A dog's oral health is essential to their everyday health and wellbeing. Without healthy teeth, a dog will have a difficult time eating and may end up eating less. To prevent this, give lots of care to your dog's dental health.

A large reason why so many dogs have dental problems is what they eat. Kibble destroys a dog's dental health- it's the doggy equivalent to eating potato chips every day! The best way to keep your dog clean is by feeding them a natural, healthy diet. Raw food naturally cleans your dog's teeth and provides them the optimal amount of nutrition, which is why it's great for your dog's overall health.

You can even give your dog a raw bone as a treat which will clean their teeth at the same time.

Tip 9: Establish an Emotional Bond

A dog's emotional health is a key factor to their overall wellbeing. Without an emotional bond with their owner, a dog will surely feel isolated and anxious-which is why putting the effort in to bond with your pup is so, SO essential.

You can establish a bond with your dog a million ways. Some of the most common ways to bond with your pup are playing games with them, training them, going on adventures together, and petting them. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on this planet- and once you can gain their trust, it will definitely be worthwhile!

About the Author:

Cali Raw Nutrition is a premium dog food company on a mission to enhance the health & longevity of dogs with a complete & balanced barf diet. We formulate, source, produce & deliver human grade raw dog food made with fresh whole food ingredients to your door.

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