Top 5 Pet Outdoor Accessories to Make Your Life Easier


Having a pet really changes your life. All of a sudden you’ve got unconditional love and support, as well as a friend in every situation. Of course, having a pet isn’t only fun and play. You’re also responsible for their health and well-being. A pet is a huge responsibility. After all, there’s a whole other life who depends on you to feed it, bathe it, walk it, and play with it. Let’s not forget how much furry friends love to be scratched behind the ear and kissed on the snout. Love is the number one thing your pet needs from you.

As well as that, you’ll need to give your fur baby proper exercise. This means you’ll need to redesign your garden so it’s safe and fun for your pet. Animals love the outdoors as they get to run around, dig holes, chase things, and lay around in the sun. Dogs especially go crazy for a well-designed backyard which has all of the accessories they need to be happy.

Your furry friend will be able to enjoy hours of fun outside and be healthier for it. Dogs need daily exercise to keep their weight in check, as well as to stay optimally healthy. Even though dogs can’t talk, you’ll know by the increased excitement and barking, as well as sloppy kisses, that you’ve done a good job with decorating the garden.

Top 5 Pet Outdoor Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

1. The pet umbrella

It’s raining outside, but you still need to take a walk. Your pup needs their daily dose of exercise and they’re itching for it, but they also don’t want to go outside because of the rain. Up to now, you probably either made them take a walk or tried your best to entertain them indoors. With this amazing discovery, you won’t have to do either.

A pet umbrella is exactly what its name suggests. It’s an inward umbrella that has a leash extension which your pup will adore. The umbrella moves with them and always keeps them dry, regardless of how active they are outside. Their feet might still get wet, but the rest of their body won’t.

This is great news for your dog as they’ll be able to enjoy their walk without feeling wet or cold. Walking in the rain can also sometimes make your dog sick, so investing in a pet umbrella is also investing in your dog’s health and well-being.

This invention is incredibly easy to use and widely available. As well as being used on walks, it can be the first line of defence on camping trips and other travel options. Your dog won’t even get wet anymore even if they just need to use the bathroom while it’s pouring outside.

The umbrella can look intimidating to a small pup, but once they realize it’s keeping them safe and dry, your dog won’t have any problems walking with the umbrella above their head. Make sure to properly introduce them to it once you get it, as well. This way you’ll avoid potential fear and mistrust and allow them to get to know their new piece of walking equipment.

Top 5 Pet Outdoor Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

2. Toys!

Have you ever seen a happy dog without a toy? I think not. No matter the size and age of the dog, they go crazy for a couple of quality toys. Dogs are basically toddlers, so if they’re not constantly entertained, they’re bound to look for their own sources of entertainment. In other words, if you don’t give them something to play with, chaos ensues.

This is why your outdoor space should be well-stocked with chewing toys and ropes which will keep the dog entertained for hours. As well as that, add a few balls. If dogs have one favourite game, it’s fetch. Whether they’re chasing the ball or flying disc by themselves or you’re the one throwing it, they’re bound to have a blast. You’ll want to make sure that your outdoor toys are water-resistant so they’re not ruined even if your fur baby gets them wet.

People tend to buy the cheapest toys for their pups because they’re just buying them for a dog, anyway. What happens next is that those toys don’t last for more than a month or two before the dog completely chews them up, or they get ruined due to rough play.

It’s much wiser to invest in some fun and high-quality dog toys right away because you’ll end up spending less money in the long run. After all, these toys will be resistant to damage and rough play, as well as whatever your dog comes up with next. Your aim is to provide them with familiar and entertaining toys for years to come.

3. An outdoor bed

Just because your pup is outside doesn’t mean they don’t need a place to sleep. Having an outdoor bed is a great idea to make the garden more comfortable for your friend. This way, you’re giving your dog a chance to relax after all that exploring and playing. Some people think that an outdoor bed is unnecessary because the dog always has the ground to sleep on.

Still, the ground can be too cold or too hard for some dogs. This is especially true if they’re older. With an outdoor bed, your pooch can enjoy the sun and rest their paws whenever they’ve had too much excitement.

If you have a seating area or a porch, an outdoor bed would also make a great addition to it. This way your dog can be relaxing near you as you drink your morning coffee or catch up with your close ones over a few drinks. Dogs like to be included, so having them near can make them feel like an equal part of the family, or in their eyes, the pack.

Watch out though, outdoor beds are somewhat different from conventional indoor beds. They’re more resistant to wear and tear and they’re much easier to clean. Even if your pup has a muddy snout or paws, you’ll be able to clean off the outdoor bed easily. Meanwhile, their bed inside stays clean. All that’s left is to make sure they don’t track any mud in the house.

Top 5 Pet Outdoor Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

4. An automatic water bowl

Your pup won’t be happy playing outside unless they have easy access to water. It’s especially important to give them constant access to fresh cold water on hot days. The dog will be active and playing around all day, meaning that hydration is a priority. This is why most owners simply leave out a bowl of water for their dog.

Most of the time, this practice simply isn’t enough. Your pup will drink it all pretty quickly, especially if they’ve been running around a lot. By the time you realize it’s time for a refill and bring your dog fresh water, they could be dehydrated. After all, there’s no way to know how long they’ve been without water. It could be 10 minutes or it could be 2 hours.

That being said, it’s important to look for other solutions. Automatic water bowls are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners. They’re convenient, reliable, and- if you get them from companies like Hoselink- affordable.

With an automatic water bowl, your pup can stay out in the yard all afternoon without you having to worry if they’re well-hydrated or not. There’s the choice between the classic automatic bowl which dogs love, and a more entertaining version. The other type of bowl is actually a doggy step fountain. This means your pup will be able to get fresh water every time they paw at the little fountain. Not only do they get hydrated, but they also get to play while they drink.

Top 5 Pet Outdoor Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

5. A dog tent

If you want your dog to have shelter in the yard, but don’t think a dog house is the best solution, opt for a dog tent. Dog tents are an excellent alternative to dog houses because they’re snugger, better isolated, and offer better protection from the weather.

Your pup will need a place to rest and recharge their batteries while they’re outside. It’s ideal if they have their own little corner of peace and solitude away from the sun. Though they may love sunbathing, too much sun can be bad for their health. Even if they manage to find some shade for their afternoon nap, they’re not going to escape the possible heat outside.

The dog tent will solve both of these issues right away. It’ll keep the pup cool and comfy while they take a break from their shenanigans. You’ll also be happy to know that dog tents come in many patterns and sizes, so you can easily customize it for your pet. You’ll be able to easily find the design that fits them and their personality best.

Aside from just backyard fun, a dog tent can be extremely useful if you and your pup like to travel. No matter how much we love our dogs and they love us, they still prefer sleeping alone. This is especially true in an unfamiliar territory where they feel like they have to watch over you and keep the premises safe. So, if you like taking your dog camping, definitely consider giving them their own fort to sleep in. Aside from camping, you can bring the dog tent anywhere with you where your pup is.


A day in the life of a dog owner is not nearly as simple and relaxed as it seems. Dogs need constant care and attention so you never truly get a moment for yourself. That is, you never get a moment if you don’t ensure they can have quality fun without you being present every minute of the play. Securing your backyard so your pup has where to play and enjoy their favourite toys and accessories is crucial for giving it a happy life. We’re confident your fur baby will appreciate the effort and that these accessories will make your life much easier.

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