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There is no doubt that dogs are now considered as a family member with all the joy and emotion they bring to our home. The presence of dogs in our lives is definitely a game-changer, which is why you are responsible for providing the best products out there to keep them sound and happy.

Many different items are there are made for pets and dogs to entertain them and provide a valuable life. However, the most important product is the home where the dog will definitely spend most of his time inside. In other words, finding the right dog kennel is a responsibility for all dog owners. This post will help you follow four magical tips that will allow you to find the perfect dog kennel for 2019.

1.   Weight and Size Measurements

The first step in finding the right kennel for your dog is to obtain the dimensions of your pet. Finding the right-sized kennel depends on how big your dog is and how much they weigh, for them to be able to handle it well. Remember, dogs might feel uncomfortable in small kennels or insecure in too big kennels.

Measuring your dog is divided into two dimensions, the length is obtained by allowing your dog to stand and using a measuring tape to measure the dog from the tip of the tail all the way to the nose. The height is obtained while your dog is sitting down; from the floor all the way up to their head.

Weight plays an important role in the type of kennel obtained, which is explained thoroughly in the following table:

Dog Weight

Crate Length

16 – 18 Kgs

61 – 76 cm

18 – 32 Kgs

92 cm

32 – 41 Kgs

107 cm

41 – 50 Kgs

122 cm

50+ Kgs

137 cm

2. Smaller Dog’s Size

Owners with dogs that are tiny in size like the Chihuahua, Papillion, Japanese Chin, etc.  should note the following points. If your dog does not fit the previous table, you should always spare an extra inch or two for your smaller sized dogs. Different kennels from different producers tend to have non matching sizes, which is why you should allow your dog to have extra space rather than no space at all. Never put yourself in the risk of having a smaller sized kennel compared to an oversized one. You should always consider your dog and have the best dog kennel in 2019.

3. Metal Kennels

Metal Kennels are the best option out there for big-sized dogs.  Here we are talking about dogs that weigh 40 Kgs or more, which are considered the big breeds like Great Dane, a Neapolitan mastiff, Scottish Deerhound, and others.

While a few kennels are soft-sided or made out of plastic, these breeds will easily be able to crack your kennel throwing your purchasing budget all on the floor. Metal kennels are made strictly for those big sized dogs to help maintain them and limit their movement whilst at home or moving around.

4. Open Kennels Are a Plus

Remember, a kennel is a place where the dog is bound to spend a lot of time. Hence, it is important to provide a kennel that will keep them happy and active. Open Kennels are considered as a strong product to keep in mind while looking for the best dog kennels in 2019.

Open kennels allow dogs to have a safe area to move around and play. These kennels have proven to send positive vibes to dogs, hiding the fact that he is actually bounded in movement. Open kennels are especially fun if they were to be placed outdoors where your dog can enjoy the environment.

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Keep Your Dogs Happy

In conclusion, it is important to keep your dog maintained while still enjoying their life. Never leave your dog bounded in a tiny kennel or one big enough to get them irritated. Dogs are part of your joy and everyday family, which is why we should provide them with the right home.

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