The Best Pet Gifts of 2020

2020 was a year we certainly won't forget in a hurry. And if there's anyone that benefited from it the most, it's our pets. Hordes of people were suddenly working from home and spending all day every day around their furry friends. With all this free time and extra money we'd usually be spending going out, many of us splashed out on pet gifts and gadgets. Here's a roundup of our favorite pet gifts of 2020 for cats and dogs.

Fanny pack

One of the great things about owning a dog is the daily task of getting outside for some fresh air and exercise. But there are often several things you need to take with you: poop bags, ball and thrower, water bottle and dish, and even a brush for those furrier pups. A doggy fanny pack is an invaluable item for a hands-free and stress-free outdoor excursion. Strap it around your middle and you're good to go, with room for bags, toys, balls, a water bottle, and even hands-free walking with a clip-on leash attachment.

Pet teepee

Upgrade your pet's bed with an adorable cat and dog teepee. These teepees are easily assembled and made from natural materials for a cute and stylish addition to your home, as well as a comfortable bed and hangout spot for your pet. Cats and dogs alike love them, and they make for a super cute photo op!

Water fountain

Sometimes, pets can be fussy – and let's face it – particularly cats. Many of our feline friends just prefer to drink from running water, but leaving a tap running all day for their benefit isn't planet- or budget-friendly. A charcoal-filtered, automatic water fountain is the perfect solution for those fussy felines – and dogs, too. We love the simple design and smart function that works with your pets' quirks to keep them healthy and hydrated all day.

Interactive pet camera

If you're out at work for large chunks of the day, you might often feel guilty about leaving your pet at home. Or perhaps you simply don't trust they won't get up to trouble. Invest in a pet camera so you can keep an eye on their antics. Many pet cameras come with interactive functions, and they are one of the top tech gifts for pets. Watch your pets play and hang out, keep an eye on unhealthy behaviours, and chat to them to keep them company or to help them relax and feel at ease.

Peekaboo cat toy

Engage your cat's predatory instincts and playfulness with a peekaboo cat toy that will keep them entertained for hours. This interactive toy features a constantly disappearing and reappearing mouse that moves at random and at different speeds to keep your cat on its toes. Watch their pupils enlarge and snap some ultra-cute photos and videos of them trying to catch the battery-powered mouse.

These are just some of our favorite products for our furry loved ones, but there are so many clever gadgets out there. What are some of your favorite pet gifts of 2020? Get in touch and let us know!


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