The Best Breeds for Couples

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Pets are adorable and can brighten your day when you need to cheer up. But they also come with a bunch of responsibilities. So before getting a furry friend, you should discuss this idea with your partner.

Dogs are among the most popular pet choices for couples thanks to their activeness, friendliness, and lifelong commitment to their owners. Yet, some breeds are better suited for couples and newlyweds due to their low maintenance costs and handiness. But if you’ve weighed the challenges of raising a puppy with your partner and are sure you can handle them, check out some lovely breeds that appeal to couples worldwide.


Many people believe Corgis are the cutest dogs on earth, and it isn’t difficult to see why. These furry beauties are like small, energetic, and highly social balls of fur. It’s no wonder that the Queen of England loves them.

A Corgi will get you a lot of compliments when walking down the street with them. And unlike what you may think, Corgis are not meant to sit on your couch all day long. These dogs are outdoor animals and have the enthusiasm of bigger watchdogs.

Fortunately, they are also low-maintenance dogs, which should interest you if you are on a budget. To raise a Welsh Corgi, for example, you should be ready to pay around $100 for every vet checkup. Also, you should budget between $100 to $300 on necessities like chew toys, insurance, dog food and medications every month.


You probably saw this name coming from a mile away, and it’s no surprise. Pugs are excellent breeds for low-energy homes. They are short and highly adaptable, which is perfect for couples who are still getting the hang of living together.

If you love posting photos of your home on Instagram, adding a pug to the mix will definitely get you more likes. These dogs are internet sweethearts, thanks to their flat faces and big personalities. But they need attention and are prone to health problems.

Due to their physical attributes, pugs can develop breathing problems, visual defects, and skin issues. So if you are planning on getting this dog breed, ensure you won’t neglect it. Be handy to groom the dog, exercise it, and expect to pay about $12,300 over its 12 to 15-year lifespan.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Is a low activity dog breed not your type? Then you should consider the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This lapdog is agile and is an excellent introduction to your new life and adventure with your partner.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love road trips and would hop in the car to go to the office with you every day if you let them. They are also beautiful furry creatures, so your kids would love their canine friends. What’s more? These dogs are friendly and trainable.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was named after King Charles II, and like the latter, it needs royal treatment. Costing as much as $14,000 to maintain over its lifespan, it isn’t the cheapest dog you can raise. In this case you may think about using CBD as alternative treatment. Of course it is better to consult a vet and read CBD oil reviews prior to starting a treatment.  But if money isn’t a concern, you should get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to light up your home.


Speaking of pint-sized lap dogs, an Affenpinscher is a great choice for couples who want a spirited pet. These dogs are active, fun, and their button-like eyes look amazing in photographs. They will break a few things in the house or chew on items that you don't want them to, but they are still generally harmless.

Affenpinschers are also low-maintenance dogs, which would appeal to the budget spenders reading this guide. They don’t shed a lot, so maintaining their coat won't leave your house in a mess. They also do well in tiny spaces, so if you and your partner are starting small, you won't have an issue raising this dog.

Because of their small size, Affenpinschers don't eat a lot of food. The bulk of your spending would be on insurance, toys and medication, and even at that, you won't be breaking the bank. With $1000-$1500, you can get yourself an Affenpinscher pup and spend only about $15 per month on it.

Tibetan Mastiff

You will likely need some sort of protection for your new home, property and the kids. So if you are looking for a gentle companion that doubles as a fierce guard dog, you should go for the Tibetan Mastiff. These dogs reach intimidating sizes and retain the guardian traits of their primitive ancestors.

These furry sentinels also don’t take to strangers quickly, so consider getting them a doghouse when they grow bigger. As you can expect, Tibetan Mastiffs are high-maintenance, costing as much as $23,000 to train for life. They also need ample space because of their size, so if you and your partner are still finding your feet, you should consider other dogs on this list.

Finally, Tibetan Mastiffs are not ideal for novice owners. But if you know your way around dogs, they are the most versatile companions on this list.

Final Thoughts

When you move in with your partner, owning a furry companion may seem like the next step to take before having kids. But as this guide proves, some dogs will set you back thousands of dollars. And as a couple, you should weigh the pros and cons of buying a dog, especially since it involves maintaining another life. But if you are sure you can take on the extra responsibility of training a dog, any of the five breeds discussed in this guide will fit perfectly into your life.

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