The Best 6 Pet Blogs to Follow in 2020

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Once it comes to our pets we are always on the hunt for the best for our companion. We need information on how to care for them better. For this and we look to pet blogs to provide us with such information and keep us updated. Pet blogs don't just provide us with information on caring for our animal friends but also serve as a medium for animal lovers to connect and share stories. Here are 6 best pet blogs you should follow in 2020.


Widely regarded as one of the best pet websites, it primarily focuses on canines providing helpful information to both old and new dog owners. The fact that the pet website has enjoyed multiple media coverage features with CBS and Coastal Living among its ranks, proves its credibility and prestige. Canine lovers can find health and grooming tips, pet products and essentials, interviews, and fun facts and stories.

Dog lovers can go through the interviews section where you get to read interesting pieces on some famous dogs and their owners. Or read up everyday life solutions and tips that are both beneficial to you and your canine friend. You get to boost your knowledge of the animal kingdom with fun facts. The feline community also gets to join in as "Ailo the cat" shares its experience in light-hearted tales.

The Conscious Cat

For feline owners, The Conscious Cat is a treasure trove of information. One of the few pet blogs which understand what it's audience needs, as it provides tips and on how to go about giving your feline companion the best care. Much of this strong connection stems from the fact that its author Ingrid King draws inspiration from experiences with her cat Buckley.

Over the years other pet bloggers have seen attempted to emulate Ingrid's unique style and approach with many failing to achieve this.

Carma Poodale

Most great pet blogs tend to focus on a single pet but Carma Poodale is one of the few exceptions. The website gets its messages across to animal lovers mostly through humour, as a rabbit and a dog get to be our guides.

The pair take us on a journey where we learn about the best animal products and health care tips. This website also ventures into interesting posts on wildlife alongside those on pets, all making for an entertaining and humorous read.

The Dogington Post

Many see this as the New York Times equivalent for dog lovers. The Dogington Post doesn't just provide you with happenings in the world of canines but also provides tips on dog grooming and health care. In a scenario where a student is asked to write an essay centered on dogs, they can either make use of a college essay writing service studyclerk or pick up ample information from the Dogington post.

Post range from canine laws to diet tips, breeding information to adoption information, and stories centered around famous pets to brave dogs.

Pressplay Pets

This pet blog features contents centered around canines while also catering to a younger audience. Due to the latter, the pet website features easy to navigate user interface alongside a search function. Expand your knowledge of the animal kingdom through the use of comprehensible infographics and videos.

This website also provides you the perfect platform to share your pet stories with other animal lovers.

The Catnip Times

This is one of the best pet websites for feline lovers. It offers a large collection of posts that provide insights into the world of felines. Looking to get a cat or already have one? The Catnip Times provides you with everything you need to know, from the nearest cat shelter to health care and grooming.

The site offers feline owners the chance to speak with professional veterinarians on health issues affecting their companions through a chat feature. One can also get to meet-up with other feline enthusiasts of the Catnip times society, as they host a hashtag through the photo social media sharing app Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Our pets provide us with unconditional love, so it's only natural that we seek to get the best for them. Follow any of the 6 listed pet blogs as they help guide you on how to provide the best life for your animal friend. Videos, stories, pictures, and fun facts, and more ensure you stay up-to-date and never out of touch with the world of owning amazing pets.

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