Smart Storage Solutions for Pet Supplies

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Making the most out of your storage space is one of the issues pet owners face when downsizing. Whereas the presence of your furry friend in your home is exhilarating, at one point, the supplies and gear you purchase to take care of them might become cumbersome if you are struggling with storage space. That is why we will give you a couple of storage solutions for pet supplies you can implement in your home. 

And it is not only space that might instigate you to look for a better way to store pet supplies. Sure, the numerous toys, dishes, bowls, balls, leashes, bags of food, treats, vitamins, beds, and other items can easily take away the valuable storage space you have at your disposal. However, some owners might make the mistake of storing dog food and other pet belongings incorrectly. 

Dog treats and a basket as one of the smart storage solutions for pet supplies

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Disarray is common when you don’t have a clear pet supply organization system.

As a result, moisture and vermin might spoil it and compromise the health of your pet. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid this by storing sensitive foodstuff and pet medication in a safe storage unit. In addition, be sure to arrange your storage unit correctly. If you always keep it tidy, you will be able to take control of your pet’s supplies.

Make a pet storage ‘station’

The best way to keep your pet gear under control is to delimit a single spot where you can hang or store everything. This will help you locate things quickly and keep the number of supplies in check. If you have a mudroom, pantry, cabinet, or an empty drawer close to your front door, that could be a good area for this. Be sure to bring in baskets, hooks, and storage bins to keep everything organized. 

Some people like to keep the pet dishes and food in the kitchen. However, be careful where in the kitchen you station the pet supplies. As mentioned, moisture and leaks might spoil the food over time without you noticing it. If you have no choice, make sure you buy cat food with safe ingredients.

Pull-out food storage

Any owner of a large dog breed will tell you that storing massive amounts of treats and kibble can be tricky. The same can happen if you prefer to buy pet food in large quantities. You can get a smaller container and place it in a drawer or cabinet close to the feeding area. Make sure you store the food in cabinets your pet cannot reach (easily). If you have a curious cat, childproofing the latch where you keep the food might be a good idea. 

The dog walking front door station

Rather than keeping your dog’s leashes and muzzles on the floor or a chair, you can devise a station where you can hang them and make them easy to reach. You can take a tote bag and place the treats, walking gear, bag dispensers, dog clothes, shoes, treats, or anything else that might come in handy when you take your dog for a walk.

A built-in dog bed

If you are short on space, you can place your dog’s bed under your bed or in a small nook. Or, you can repurpose the storage compartment in your bed, put a few cushions and keep it open when your dog wants to rest. You can place a rag or toys close to the built-in dog bed to signal the designated sleeping area to your puppy.

Keep the treats in labeled jars

Instead of piling up boxes and bags of pet treats in your storage, take a few jars and fill them up. The reasoning behind this is that you might overcrowd your pantry, cabinets, or other storage areas with countless half-empty bags just lying around on shelves. Not to mention air-tight jars preserve the nutrients and keep the treats fresh longer. Also, you will never again mistake a bag of chips with your dog’s delicacies in the middle of the night. 

Pet feeding station

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A jar is a smart storage solution for treats.

If you have more than one pet, then you might experience legitimate feeding chaos in your kitchen. With the slurps, bites, hair, and sounds wreaking havoc in your kitchen, you might benefit from devising a pet feeding station. Particularly if you cannot bear the pleading looks your pet gives you while you are eating your lunch. 

A cat eating off a table

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A designated feeding area will make everything feel much cleaner and more organized.

So, you can place a pet feeding station away from your dining area but close to where you keep the food. Place a plastic or rubber mat under the dishes, bowls, and water dispensers to keep everything clean and tidy. If possible, you should create a pull-out feeding station in a cabinet to keep the smells and dirt out of sight. 

Pet toy storage

Having a bin or basket designated only for your pet’s toys is one of the smart storage solutions for pet supplies for several reasons. First of all, the disorder in your home will be greatly reduced. It will also keep the number of toys you purchase in check. You will notice that the toys are unlikely to get lost as frequently since you will get into the habit of grouping them into the basket after your dog is done playing. It is also a great way to seclude the balls, bones, toys, and threads that might induce your pet’s playtime mode. If you find it useful, you can separate the toys into categories and place them inside smaller bags or containers. This will make it easier to find what you are looking for without touching the toy directly every time. 

About the Author:

Drew Atwell is an interior designer and journalist. Her specialty lies in space-saving designs and storage solutions. As an avid animal lover, she owns three dogs, a cat, and a hamster. This hectic living arrangement has interested her in finding ways to keep the home organized, clean, stylish, and comfortable for her and her animals. 

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