Six Tips To Control Pet Odor If You Have A Dog Or Cat That Lives Indoors

Whether the scent is strong or subtle, every pet owner deals with pet odor if the animals live indoors. This can be embarrassing when company unexpectedly shows up, and it can worsen allergies and asthma. Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do to keep your house smelling fresh, even with indoor pets.

Eliminate Odors At The Source

The best way to get rid of pet odors, if you have a dog or cat who lives inside, is to eliminate odors at their source. As soon as you have a spill or a smell appears to be in your home, you should clean it up immediately. Use appropriate cleaning products to effectively clean the source. You should have a variety of cleaners on hand that are safe for carpet and hardwood flooring.

New Carpet

Most homeowners don't change out their carpet as often as they should, and it can show, and smell. If there multiple stains or undeniable odors, it's time for some new carpet. Even professional carpet cleaning won't work in many cases. You should also consider odor-reducing carpet that will come in handy with pets in the home, say the experts at JLG Flooring. Once you get new carpet, be sure to vacuum at least weekly to keep your home cleaner, especially when your pet is shedding all the fur.

Trap Lingering Odors

Ever notice how odors linger in your home near where waste is eliminated? If you can trap the odors near the litter box or the garbage can, you're one step closer to getting rid of pet odors. You can use a good absorbent to this end, much as you keep a box of baking soda in your refrigerator. You'll want to make sure that your product is tested, and buy something that makes you feel like it is going to leave a good scent behind.

Use Air Fresheners

You can buy aerosol sprays in many different scents, including baby powder, mountain spring and related smells, and scents like apple pie or lavender. Just check out the latest assortment at your local store. These air fresheners that can also remove odors, not just mask them, to make sure that your home is left smelling good.

Kill Germs That Cause Odors

You can use disinfectants around the litter box, floor, garbage can, and other areas where your pets spend a lot of time. You'll want to make sure that you spray and wipe liberally in these areas. This way, the odor never gets a chance to spread to other areas of your home, and the germs will be gone. Be sure to rinse thoroughly of these cleaners to be sure that your pet is safe.

Bathe And Groom Pets Regularly

You can buy a high-quality shampoo at your local pet store, and you'll want to get one that leaves your pet smelling good. If you do this, you're helping to get rid of germs and dirt that may cause odors later on.

Keep your home odor-free with pets in the home is simple with these tips. You can enjoy your furry companion without sacrificing a clean home.

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