Six Hidden Dangers Around Your Home That Can Be Especially Harmful To Your Pet

Animals can be great companions, but they require an extensive amount of care to keep them safe from household dangers. The best way to maintain their well-being is through constant attention. This list demonstrates six lurking threats that need to be kept away from dogs, cats and other friendly critters.

1. Toxic Plants

Unbeknownst to many pet owners, certain plants are deadly if ingested by pets. Poisonous interactions are determined by the precise genus of the plant. To avoid this problem, all indoor plants should be checked for animal safety. Similarly, outdoor foliage should be confirmed edible before allowing a pet to be near it. Since many pets will eat just about anything, it's important to make sure your household plants aren't toxic to animal.

2. Hidden Pests

Rodents are an annoying nuisance in general, and they are guaranteed to attract the attention of our pets. Cats are especially prone to hunting these infected intruders. Unfortunately, these invading mammals are often plagued with incurable diseases and afflictions. The bacteria will quickly make pets sick, and they can even transfer the illness to humans. What's even more dangerous is they are often evasive and aren't seen much, with little signs they are around the home. Have your home inspected by professionals and treated if a problem is found to keep everyone safe at home, including your pets, suggest the experts at ICE Pest Control and Wildlife Removal.

3. Prescription Medications

It is a bad idea for pet owners to leave their pharmaceuticals out in the open. Animals can absentmindedly ingest a whole bottle of medication. Sadly, even a lone pill can be fatal. To prevent this tragic accident, keep all prescriptions locked in the cabinet.

4. Cleaning Supplies

A lot of household cleaners are comprised of highly hazardous chemicals. The fumes alone can cause serious injuries to pets while only the strong scent might bother you. All cleaning supplies must be locked in a safe location that is far out of reach from any animals. The same rule applies for insect repellants, fumigation materials and painting essentials.

5. Poisonous Food

Human snacks are not always safe for animals. Our treats can be downright deadly for pets. For example, dogs are terribly sensitive to chocolate. They can be doomed if they consume just a tiny amount. Cheese is also not recommended. Some fruits and vegetables that are a healthy part of your diet can be poisonous to your pet. Overall, it is best to maintain a strict diet of pet food.

6. Small Toys

Playthings come with endless microscopic accessories these days, and kids are prone to leaving their toys out. This spells disaster for small pets. The little pieces can be confused for food when left on the ground, which creates a dangerous choking hazard.


Pets have a very limited sense of self-preservation, so their owners need to take extra precautions. This list is a good start for pet owners, but they also should always be ready for the unexpected.


Anita GinsburgAnita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver and often writes about home, family and finance. A mother of two, she enjoys traveling with her family when she isn't writing.



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