Simple Changes That Can Be Made To The Yard To Benefit Both Pets And Homeowners

Unlike apartment or rental living, homeowners are able to make decisions about how their yard looks. If you don't own a home, you might want to keep these ideas in mind for a future date. You will want your yard to be a pleasing, fun and inviting place, which for many homeowners, includes pets too. Consider these simple changes you can make to your yard to benefit both pets and homeowners.


The fence is one of the easiest and best improvement you can make. A fence will keep your dog safe, and it will also provide you with a sense of security and privacy. However, deciding what type of fence to install can be a difficult choice. A large, privacy fence can protect a large dog and make your yard seem like an additional outdoor room. A white picket fence can increase curb appeal, add charm to your home and protect small pets.


Adding a bench to your yard adds a touch of class and will give you a place to relax while you enjoy your yard with your pets. Unlike lawn chairs, a permanent bench adds style to the home and adds a sense of permanence. You can pick up wood, stone, or iron benches at any home improvement store. If you want to be really classy, you can even have a small plague engraved with your family name installed on the bench.

Accent Lights

Thanks to solar power, accent lights don't require the expensive handiwork of an electrician. You can stake solar powered outdoor lights into the ground surrounding your home to highlight trees, bushes, or architectural features. They will make your yard available for evening enjoyment. Lights hidden near bushes and trees can keep your pets away from electrical wiring.


Trees and shrubs are excellent and inexpensive additions to any yard. Trees provide some much needed shade for dogs on a hot day. Cats love to slink around and hide inside of bushes. Both increase the overall appeal of your yard. Add some plants to increase the appeal of your yard to yourself and your pets.


Don't be misled into thinking adding a small water garden is an expensive and difficult addition to your yard. Small fountains and tiny ponds can be added to any yard with a simple trip to a home improvement store, a shovel, and a small power supply. You will love the sound of running water in your yard. Your pets will have a constant source of water that isn't an eyesore in your backyard. A small water feature provides an excellent return for only a small amount of effort.

Bird Feeder

If you love your pets, why not attract some of mother nature's own pets? Installing a bird feeder or a bird house somewhere in your yard will attract beautiful neighborhood visitors. You will enjoy seeing the birds up close. There are a variety of bird feeder options that can compliment any style of yard and home.


Every backyard needs grass for comfort and aesthetics. It's a great way to designate space in your yard for your pets without losing a homey feel. You can add trees and pathways through the grass to add variety and style. Buy sod in Atlanta to get started on improving your yard.


You don't have to give up a nice yard when you have pets. By incorporating some of these tips above, your yard will be a great place for pets to live and a comfortable outdoor retreat for you.

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