Road Trips & Pets: Why Using Crates or Enclosures Is Vital

Who doesn’t love a road trip and our dogs are quick to accompany us on these adventures. When it comes to travelling with our four-legged best friend, we’re accustomed to seeing them riding in the front seat with their head hanging out the window. Not only are they in danger of being struck by a flying object or insect outside the vehicle, the front seat is no place for a pet or a child due to the risk of injury or death from the deployment of an air bag.

This is just one of the many reasons pets should be put inside a crate or other type of enclosure when they’re travelling with us. Not only will it protect them from injury or even death from an air bag, there’s many other reasons they should be safely confined while we’re driving. 


Other Flying Objects

Another common risk from riding unprotected (outside of a crate or other enclosure), is objects flying around inside of an automobile should they become involved in a collision. Experts advise drivers that a sixteen-ounce bottle of water can deliver a blow equal to being struck by a twenty-one pound object when travelling at 50 mph inside an automobile.

Accidents Happen

We’ve been talking about the risks involved with an unrestrained animal involved in a car crash, but what about some of the rewards involved when using a crate? After all, you can still have them ride in the back seat as a safer method, but when they’re safe in a crate after an accident:

  • If you’re unresponsive following a collision, emergency response personnel can quickly remove your animal and take them to safety.
  • Windows often break during an accident and a scared pet could easily escape through these openings and become lost.
  • Even if they don’t lose their way after the crash, they could be hit by a passing motorist should they exit the vehicle when unrestrained.

Road Trips & Pets: Why Using Crates or Enclosures Is Vital

All of these tragedies can be avoided if they’re safety restrained inside their crates while travelling.

Sudden Movements

While some of us can go a lifetime without being involved in a car accident, the majority of us have our fair share of close calls on a fairly regular basis. Stopping suddenly or swerving to avoid something on someone on the road is a common occurrence. While we safely belted in, our pets should also be afforded the same courtesy so they don’t wind up hurled into the dashboard or thrown onto the floor during an accident-avoiding maneuver.

Trips To See The Vet

If a pet is already crate trained, a trip to see the veterinarian is much less stressful when they’re inside a crate. They also have a reduced risk of coming into contact with other animals while they’re in the office that could have communicable diseases or other issues.

Remember that crates and other types of enclosures are specifically designed for the safe transportation of your pet. Why take chances when we’re on the road with our beloved companions when we can ensure they’re safely travelling with us instead. 

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