Pup-Approved Outdoor Furniture Styles


The sun is high, the birds are chirping, and we’re betting that your pet is ready to start exploring the backyard again. Between your fresh landscaping, clean pool and perfectly manicured garden, the last thing you need is another area for your pet to potentially messy. Luckily, your patio furniture is one aspect of backyard design that doesn’t have to be soiled by muddy paws or dog messes. Instead, your umbrella, chairs, cushions and accessories can be fashionable and functional! Here are a few of our favorite ways to create a pup-approved outdoor scene.

A Mid-Tone Color Palette

Introducing a mid-tone color palette to your exterior can save you many headaches from cleaning, dusting, mopping and worrying about the potential of having to get new patio furnishings. For a modern look, consider a stark color palette of cool black and white. Black patio cushions won’t show wear and tear as much as a more tropical coloration and can be easily cleaned. Be warned, though: If your dark patio cushions aren’t graded for the outdoors, or aren’t made of premium outdoor fabric, they will fade. And if you’ve got a light-colored pet who sheds, opt for light-colored cushions and furniture instead.

Durable Finishes

Another simple way to safeguard your outdoor furnishings against playful pups is to incorporate durable materials like metal, iron, polyester and outdoor-graded fabric. While beautiful, wood, linen and other porous materials won’t stay clean for long. Luckily, durable finishes have become increasingly trendy and great to look at, so choosing a beautiful color palette with lots of pattern or your favorite texture won’t be hard to do. Outdoor rugs, for instance, mimic the same look of your indoor rugs, but they can be hosed down and laid out to dry so they’re perfectly fresh for your next outdoor soiree.

Playful Patterns

Much like the addition of dark color to hide staining, patterns that are more intricate will mask smaller tinges from puppy paws, grass stains, spilled drinks and sun damage. Our favorite outdoor fabrics feature fun designs like a modern geometric pattern, tropical leafy prints and the classic nautical stripe. Mix and match these timeless patterns with your favorite dark colors (think navy, dark red and green) for a fun and contrasting outdoor scene that’s sure to withstand the summer.

Create a Pup-Only Space

Oftentimes pets don’t like being told that they can’t jump on the couch, walk on the ottoman, or nap on the chair. However, when they have a great bed to call their own, they won’t mind! When set next to a bowl full of cold water, their favorite toy or treat and a shady area, a pet-only space won’t feel so separate from the rest of the fiesta. Treat your pet to a comfortable and stylish outdoor bed that they can retreat to when they’re done socializing with your guests. Fun patterns like polka dots, stripes and chevron will effortlessly blend into the rest of your decor and make your pet feel like he’s part of the backyard party.

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