Pet-Friendly Holiday Decorations

Pet lovers know that their adorable cats and dogs never fail to brighten up their homes. But during the holiday season, our furry friends tend to get unusually hyper around the newly set up Christmas trees, which can be worrisome for doting pet owners.

If your playful pets can't resist the shiny tinsel and mouthwatering candy canes hanging on your tree, you may want to consider decorating with more pet-friendly trimmings.

Below are some pearls of advice to help you accomplish safe, seasonal pet-friendly home decor.

1. Secure the tree against the wall.

Sure, it would be nice to display your elegant Christmas tree in the middle of the living room for all to see and admire. Keep in mind, though, that dangling ornaments are very attractive to your curious dog and cat, who can readily pounce on the tree at any given moment.

Make sure to anchor the tree to the wall so it can't tip over. You can also border your tree with a baby fence, or put it in the doorway to keep your pet from going near the tree when you're not home. This is a surefire way to ensure your tree's beauty lasts until New Year's Day.

2. Put breakable ornaments up high and avoid using tinsel.

Put breakable ornaments up high and avoid using tinsel

While they make your tree shine, shimmering tinsel and delicate holiday décor are real choking hazards for pets. Try using string ornaments, which you can securely fix on the tree, instead of loosely hanging tinsel.

Beautiful but breakable ornaments, on the other hand, should be placed up high in the tree, away from your pet's paws, teeth, and wagging tail. This will ensure your little furry one does not choke, or worse, suffer intestinal problems.

3. Decorate with non-toxic ornaments.

Decorate with non-toxic ornaments

In spite of their daintiness, mistletoe and holly berries are actually poisonous and must be kept away from your curious friend. Artificial berry sprays are a safer substitute, as these will enhance the beauty of your tree without causing digestive problems for pets.

4. Keep cords out of the way.

Keep cords out of the way

When installing lights on your Christmas tree, don't leave the cord laying in the middle of the floor or hanging from the tree's branches, as your pets can easily trip over it or get tangled in it.

See to it that you wind the cord securely around the tree's branches. It's also best to position your tree near a high electrical outlet to prevent your pet from chewing on a dangling cord.

5. Avoid edible ornaments.

Avoid Edible Ornaments

Candy canes and gingerbread in a variety of shapes may be charming holiday decorations, but they are also irresistible to your pets. Stay clear of sweet edible ornaments, for once your dog and cat ingest these, they can suffer hyperglycemia.

If you can't do without the candy ornaments, artificial candy canes and gingerbread decor are a wonderful option. Just see to it that you hang them high up in the tree so that they are out of your pet's reach.

6. Put candles on an elevated surface.

Put candles on an elevated surface

The sight of decorative candles flickering in your dimly lit living room adds to your home's warm ambience. Unfortunately, putting them on a low coffee table may be perilous to your pet, who could accidentally knock down the candles and get burned.

If your decorating theme consists of candles, use these to bedeck a high console. After all, candles make for eye-catching Christmas table decorations.

With this list of practical decorating tips, you will be able to choose holiday decorations that are suitable to your theme and safe for your pets. If you have other suggestions on how to create pet-friendly home décor, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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