Moving With A Dog: How To Create A Pet Resume

Some apartments do not allow tenants to keep pets in their premises. However, the number of pet-friendly complexes is growing. This is owed to the new trend of sending in pet resumes to landlords. Today, landlords no longer view all animals as a danger to the property and the occupants.

As Laura Garbers, a cover letter writer that once told me that she can write my cover letter for me anytime, also said: “Many people do not feel confident about writing their pet resume. This is a common aspect as they lack accurate information. You can use professional writing service to obtain help writing up with the best resume." Many successful applications are tackled each day.”

What Is A Pet Resume?

There is very little difference between a pet resume and a job application. This resume is a compilation of your pet’s best qualities. It’s an excellent opportunity to showcase to your landlord that you take pet rental seriously. Many pet-friendly apartments will require a resume before you bring in your dog or cat.

Why Is A Pet Resume Important?

Always write your pet resume from a landlord’s point of view. This will help you understand the scope of every question. You must ensure that you point out these key factors:

Disruption to the neighbors

Some tenants do not appreciate the barking of a dog or a cat purring. This is very common in a small apartment environment. The landlord will not be willing to handle the complaints. This a vital issue to mention in your resume.

Disease carriers

If you do not administer proper care to your dog or cat, chances are they will contract some infection. You can include a health summary of the pet to the resume as well to validate the health status.

Damage to property

Landlords would like to maintain the standards of their property before deciding on renovations. Keeping a pet may result in additional damages to the property. You may also need to do an extensive clean-up of the place when you move out.

What To Include On A Pet Resume?

You must give your landlord an all-rounded appearance. Try to convince him why keeping a pet is essential to you. Here are few things to help your resume win the landlord over:


Make sure you introduce the name of the pet at the beginning of the resume. Consider changing the name if it is crude or vile.


It’s essential to list the age of your dog. A fully grown dog does not raise the alarm with the landlord.


Some properties do not allow certain dog breeds. They usually make a preference for service dogs. You can easily set up a personal meeting with the landlord to convince him about your dog.

Weight and Size

The pet’s size is directly proportional to the amount of damage they can bring forth. The landlord can easily gauge the temperament of the dog through this information.


This will not add or subtract anything from your landlord’s opinion, but it is an important aspect to mention.


Include any health information that pertains to the dog. Mention if the pet has been spayed or neutered. If your dog has received any vaccines, attach the proper health documentation to validate. Your pet’s health is critical.

Training Skills

Include any training lessons your dog may have attended. You can also list additional skills they have acquired.

About Section

This is an excellent part to paint a picture of you and your dog’s relationship. You should include information such as:

  • Favorite past time activity
  • Duration of relationship
  • Outdoor or indoor pet
  • Shedding of the pet
  • Pet’s biggest fear

Care Routine

You must let your landlord know that you have a proper care routine for your pet. You can mention some of these things:

  • Walks
  • Daycare
  • Exercise
  • Grooming
  • Micro-chipping
  • Additional caregiver


Having a verbal or written back up of every quality you have mentioned is vital. Make sure you notify the relevant parties before you list them down as references. You can list a neighbor, veterinary doctor, pet sitter or even landlord.

Your Contact Details

It is relatively easy to get all the above information right then forget to list your details. Make sure you list your name and current contact details.


A picture can create a significant impact on the decision of your landlord. Include an animated image so that you can sway him. You can pick one that has kids or the elderly to increase his trust.


You no longer have to hold back from house-hunting because the landlord will not approve. Using the tips listed above, you should be able to write an exceptional resume. It is relatively easy to sway the landlord taking into account all the factors listed above. Start your new life without leaving your favorite pet behind.

About the Author: 

Alex C. Porter is a renowned writer with avid research and writing skills. His exponential ability to help people acquire jobs, properties, and contracts has ranked his skills highly. He has a series of services including information that clients seek, especially on his Twitter account.

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