Momo Monday: New Year, New Toys

As much as I love being an office dog, it’s always nice to get out once in a while and hit the road with my team. We had a blast attending our first trade show of the year at the Global Pet Expo in Florida and introducing everyone to our newest products. If you couldn’t make it out to the show or missed our @petplaysf Instagram stories, don’t worry, I got you covered.

First things first. How pawsome is our new show booth?? When I finally rolled out of my hotel bed, had a tasty breakfast from room service and made my way to the show floor, I was stunned when I saw this gorgeous set up waiting for me and my team. Once we had everything put in place I settled into my comfy Lounge Bed to check out the setup and people watch. So many people stopped by to say hello and my team did a great job of letting everyone know about our newest products and showing off their pawsome features! What’s that? You want to hear about them too? Well get ready to meet the newest members of P.L.A.Y.’s plush and outdoor toy collections!

We made the show magical with our Willow’s Mythical Plush Toy Collection. This collection of mythical-themed toys includes a fiery Dragon, goofy Gnome, whimsical Unicorn, bashful Yeti and a mischievous Jackalope. What I like most about this set is that its toys vary in size, so if you have both a big and small furry friend in your household there is a toy for each of them to love! You’ll find some of the same pawsome features in these toys that are featured in our other popular sets, like the crinkly wings of the Dragon and the rope feature of the Gnome. Needless to say passersby were drawn in by this magical set and I don’t blame them!

Willow's Mythical Plush Toy Collection by P.L.A.Y.

Ever since I saw Mean Girls I have always wanted to be the one to make “fetch” happen. With our new Nova Ball and Nova Stick, I think we’ve officially accomplished that! These two toys are made from our newest material design, NovaFlexTM, which gives the toys enough durability to withstand chewers, but is also lightweight, making it great for nom seshes and games of, you guessed it, fetch! They both come in two sizes so big and small dogs alike can enjoy them. The Nova Ball fits into most ball launchers, so if you have a pup that likes to show off their cheetah-like speed this is the toy for them. Personally, I love to roll mine around the office and knock out the treats that are hiding inside. Yep that’s right, there’s an X shaped opening on the Nova Ball that lets you insert treats or kibble so it can become an interactive toy! The Nova Stick is a great toy for outdoor fun since it is lightweight and floatable. Word at the dog park is that hoomans spend way too much time searching for the right stick to throw for their furry friends when they are at the park, beach or lake. I can’t wait to tell all my furiends about the Nova Stick since this will solve all of their hoomans stick searching problems! When it’s not being tossed, the Nova Stick is a great toy to nom on as it has a very satisfying crunchy sound in its core.

Scout & About NovaFlex Toys

I never went to puppy school, but now that our Back to School Plush Toy Set has launched it has me wishing I did! Aside from my natural charm and lovable personality, this set would have made me star student in no time. Whether your pup is an athlete, a science geek or the next Picasso, this set has something for every furry friend. There are some pawsome new features in this set as well, like the glow in the dark Canine Calculator and the Artist Palette that has three, count them three, features, including multiple squeakers, crinkles and a detachable paint brush. The Graduation Cap and Scroll is the pawfect reward for any puppy school graduate and looks so darn cute on. I mean I know I wear hats well but how cute do I look??

Back to School Plush Toy Collection by P.L.A.Y.

And last but certainly not least, we had some new rope toys to introduce as well! We thought it was time to spruce up our Scout & About Rope Toy Collection so we took the same material used in our current rope toys and used it to make the Honeycomb Rope Toy and the Tug Ball Rope Toy. I must say that we office dogs sure had a fun time testing these toys out! They both come in two sizes, so my little paws and snoot were able to push around the Honeycomb toy to get out the treats that were hidden inside. That’s one feature about the Honeycomb toy that I just love. The woven crevices leave just enough room to sneak in some tasty treats or kibble so it becomes an enrichment toy! The Tug Ball Rope Toy is a favorite among our more agile office dogs, as they like to play tug of war and fetch with it. A lot of our customers love the fact that it has a nifty handle on it, making it easier for hoomans to throw and hold on to.

Scout & About New Rope Toys

We sure had a fun time hanging out at GPE and saying hello to new and familiar faces! Although there won’t be too much to miss about the hotel lifestyle (because we all know I get treated like the princess I am everyday) I was definitely missing my co-worker Rhino and couldn’t wait to get into work to give him all the details of the show. Our bad boy intern is in love with Eunice the Unicorn and every time I would catch a glimpse of her at our booth I thought of him. He loves to play fetch with her at the office and is always showing off how fast his little Corgi legs can go. My hoomans said that I have to share the treats we brought back from the show with him, but jokes on them because I packed them in my suitcase when they weren’t looking and they’re already in my belly. Sorry (not sorry) Rhino!

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