Keep Your Dogs Cool During the Hot Summer Months

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There are very few occasions when dogs don't enjoy romping outdoors. Sometimes their caretakers must use their judgment if the temperature is sweltering, though. Heat doesn't automatically mean it's not safe to play outside, but it's essential to consider how you will deal with the heat to keep your dogs safe and happy. Any conditions you have difficulty tolerating, pups will, too. Dogs also don't sweat like humans; they can only pant. Unfortunately, your furry companions can't tell you in words when they're uncomfortable, so you should also be aware of the early signs of heatstroke in dogs (e.g., panting, drooling, difficulty breathing, fatigue and vomiting). Put some or all of these suggestions into action when your dogs are outside.

Provide a Pool

If your pups will be outside for a while on a hot day, an excellent option to offer them is a kiddie pool or a sprinkler. If your family enjoys spending a lot of time outside in the summer, you might research the cost of an inground pool for your backyard so everyone can enjoy playing in the pool with your furry family members. 

Provide Shade

It's always preferable to allow your dogs access to the indoors on hot days. However, if you absolutely have to keep them outside, make sure they have a nice shady, well-ventilated area at all times of the day. Dog houses are suitable for shade, but most have terrible ventilation, which can make the heat worse. 

Feel the Pavement

Since most people wear shoes when they walk, they typically don't think about the heat of the pavement. Before beginning a walk, touch the asphalt with the palm of your hand or the bottom of your foot. If the ground feels too hot for you, it's too hot for a pup's paws. Doggie booties can be a good option if your dog will wear them; many won't. If booties aren't an option, make sure your dog stays off the pavement and walks on the grass.

Never Leave Them Inside the Car

Perhaps the most vital thing you should know about the heat is never leaving your dogs in a closed car. When it's just warm outside, it can get hot in the car. So when it's hot outside, it can become scorching even when the windows are open. When the car's windows and doors are closed, it will grow significantly worse; within 10 minutes, the temperature can rise to 102 degrees, and within 30 minutes, it can increase to 120 degrees. This example is for an outdoor temperature of 85 degrees; many places regularly see much higher temperatures. Even if you think you'll only step away for a few minutes, you never know 100%, so it's best to leave dogs at home if they can't come with you while you're out of the car. 

Use Cooling Accessories

Whether indoors or out, if your pups are likely to get overheated, there are some cooling products you can use to cool them off. Cooling mats can be put in or under their beds to keep their bed cool. You can also wrap an ice pack in a dishtowel. 

Carefully Choose Exercise Times

When it's hot outside, choose the coolest part of the day to do your physical activity with your dogs. Early morning and evening can be good times to go out. 

Provide Plenty of Water

Make sure you provide plenty of fresh, cool water for your pups. Keep the water cooler longer by adding ice cubes. 

Keep Indoors Cool

When your dogs are home alone, make sure the indoors will stay cool enough for them. The air conditioner is preferable when it's hot outside. Fans and open windows can also be advantageous. 

Offer Cold Treats

Dogs love cold treats on a hot day. There are various types of doggie ice cream and other chilled snacks you can purchase. You can also make your own ice pops for pups and other tasty, refreshing treats. 

There are many good options for keeping dogs cool in the heat. The key to keeping your dogs happy and healthy is to know what to do and not do when the temperatures are on the rise. 

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