How to Perform an In-home Physical Exam on Your Dog?

Dogs make amazing pets, but these beautiful lively furry buddies need taking care of. As you all know, dogs age faster than humans and taking care of them is extremely important. To stay on top of their health, pet parents should give their furry pals a quick and easy in-home physical exam between every vet visits. It is imperative to perform these in-home exams from time to time because as they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

In this blog, we will be talking about how one can effectively perform an in-home physical exam on their four-legged buddies. Go through them carefully before you implement them.

1. Look into Their Eyes

Just by looking into your pooch’s eyes, you can learn a lot about his health. See to it that the sclera of their eyes is white and not bloodshot red. Besides, the cornea should be crystal clear and not cloudy. Their eyes should be moist and no discharge should be seen in and around the corner of their eyes. Moreover, both the pupils should be of the same size. All these things need to be checked and examined in order to keep your buddy in top shape.

2. Look at The Paw-sitives

Their paws need some attention too. Frequently check their paws, especially during the cold winter months. Dog’s paws tend to crack due to extreme cold, and they need attention every now and then. Frontline Pet Care Paw Balm is an excellent product to opt for in such situations.

3. Poke Your Nose, In Their Nose

Dogs are nosy parkers, and we too should be like that, especially when it considers their well-being. Poking your nose, in their nose is crucial. Check their nose from time to time because their nose says a lot about their health. A runny nose, a cracked nose, and a dry nose means trouble and needs quick attention.

4. Ear Them Out

The ears are also an important part of their body and needs just as much attention as anything. Glance through their ear flaps and see if there are any sores or abrasions. Besides that, look down their ear canals for any debris or wax. Sometimes the inside of their ears would have a deep red color, and that’s a sign your buddy needs some attention. Apart from this, try sniffing their ears to see if it lets out any funny smell. If it does, you will need to apply from ear drops because chances are, it might be infected with ear mites or bacteria or yeast.

5. A Hug A Day Keeps Sorrows Away

Hugs are always so relaxing and are always welcome, and your buddy will surely give in. But make those hugs count. By this we mean, while hugging your buddy, feel under their jaws for any lumps or bumps that could be harmful. These lumps or bumps can be extremely fatal if not spotted at an earlier stage.

6. Say Cheese

Dental health is so so important, and many pet parents tend to overlook it. Check their teeth every once in a while, to rule out any sort of teeth problems. Besides, make sure to brush their teeth every single day to keep dental problems away.

7. Just Heart It

Try placing both your hands on each side of your dog’s chest and feel his heart beat. The heart rate should be around 70-120 beats per minute, and with a regular rhythm. Regularly checking their heart rate is something pet parents should do more often.

Regular in-house examinations are important, but make sure to have frequent visits to the vet. At the end of the day, your buddy solely depends on you and taking care of them is your utmost responsibility.

Stay safe, and keep taking care of your furry four-legged friends.

About the Author:

Jamie Hytten is an American content writer who has a vast and rich experience in writing content regarding pets and their healthcare. He has ghost written for many top pet care sites over the past decade. Apart from writing, he loves spending time with his family and pet dog. You can connect with him on Twitter.

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