How to Make Your Home Safe for a New Puppy

A new puppy is, in many ways, like welcoming home a new baby, except a puppy is fully mobile with sharp teeth. Like babies, you have to take a good look at your home and make adjustments or remove any potential health hazards. If you walk through your with a puppy’s point of view in mind, you’ll see a few dangers you may not have noticed before.

Lock Up Cleaners and Chemicals

Curious puppies aren’t all that discerning when it comes to what they eat or drink. Cleaning chemicals and solutions may even smell good to your puppy. He could lap it all up before he starts feeling the dangerous side effects.

Store cleaners and chemicals up high where your pup can’t reach them. You could also lock them away where they’ll never be seen. Be careful when you have them out to do your cleaning. Secure your puppy in a crate or put him in a different room so he doesn’t eat or drink any while you’re not looking.

Secure the Garbage Can

The garbage is full of all kinds of smells puppies can’t resist. Not only is it full of people food, it could have harmful substances mixed in. Get a garbage can with a lid and make sure it’s stable. A can that’s easily knocked over can make a mess in your house and land your puppy in the ER.

And the Toilet

Toilet water may look clear but you don’t want your puppy drinking it. They can get sick. If your puppy is small enough, he could fall in. Use a baby toilet latch to keep the lid down and your puppy out.

Know Your Plants

Common household plants can be toxic to your puppy. If you’re not sure what kind of plants you have, either move them far out of reach or rehome them. You don’t want to find out after it’s too late that you’ve had a toxic plant all along. Watch out for holiday plants too. Holly and mistletoe can be dangerous for puppies. You’re better off with the fake version.

Cover Up Your Cords

Puppies can’t help but find trouble. They’ll chew on electrical cords with disastrous results. Tuck those cords away as much as possible. For those that can’t be easily hidden, you can buy cord concealers and attach them to the wall or hide them along the floor. 

Hide the Litter

As gross as it sounds, puppies often play in kitty litter. Not only do you not want them discovering your cat’s latest deposit, but litter can wreak havoc on your pup's digestive system. Keep the kitty litter and litter box somewhere that’s puppy free.

Keep Track of Your Pup

Puppies may be clumsy, but they can be fast too. For those breeds or personalities who are escape artists, consider acollar with GPS tracking. Should your puppy escape from the house or dig out of the yard, you’ll be able to track and locate him. They can also be useful when your puppy is learning to leash. If the leash gets pulled out of your hand, all is not lost.

Be vigilant and patient. A preemptive strike against puppy dangers and disasters can help your pup and you transition into life together. It won’t take long for you to wonder how you ever lived without your newest furry family member.

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