How to Make Your Home More Pet Friendly with a Remodel

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Pets are an important part of the family, and hence making sure that they feel comfortable inside your house becomes essential. Several things can be done for your pet when you plan to remodel your home. While remodeling can help you to give your home a complete makeover and add some unique spaces, the investment that's required to do it might not be available to everyone. 

Hence, in situations like this going for a budgeting loan should be your ideal choice because it can help you to give your home the remodel you desire. With the right Home Remodeling Ideas, giving your home a Remodel is easy, and this article will guide you with the same.

Best Ideas to Remodel your Home to make it more Pet Friendly

Inbuilt Sleeping Space 

Every one of us knows that there is nothing more relaxing than a good night's sleep. Dogs and Cats usually sleep for 12 to 18 hours in a day, and hence they need a comfortable bed like us. Having a sleeping space for your dog also helps them to keep off from other furniture in your home or sleep under your bed or sofa. It gives your home a permanent space where they can sleep in peace. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy a suitable Pet bed and create an inbuilt sleeping space in your house. 

Pet Door Addition 

Having a Pet Door is an excellent idea for your home because many Dogs and Cats like spending some quality time outside. Since we are usually busy with our work and no one is always available at the door having a Pet door will allow your pet to go out quickly for some fun and exercise. 

Pet showers

If your pets spend most of the time outside in your garden or lawn, they are likely to love mud and get dirty when they come back inside the house. Hence, you can build your pet a private shower in the Mudroom, Bathroom or Garage where the water is readily available. Since bathing a pet can be a mess, make sure your space has clean tile flooring and a handheld showerhead. 

Built-in feeding station

Having a feeding station is important because it gives your pets a spot where they can eat in peace. It also helps to maintain cleanliness in the house since all the food for your pets is available in one place. You can easily make a basic feeding station by cutting bowl-shaped holes in a piece of wood and installing it with your existing drawers. However, contractors can also make you a premium feeding station that comes with sliding drawers for food and a water fountain that allows your pets to drink water when thirsty. 

Radiant heat floors 

If you live in an area where the weather gets freezing, I am sure you must have felt unbearable when you step on the floor. Your pet feels the same way and has to spend most of its time there. Hence upgrading to Radiant heat flooring can be an excellent investment for your entire family. 

Pet-friendly landscaping

Having a good landscape can quickly help you to boost your mood, and it also helps to add value to your house. Therefore you must make a pet-friendly yard and add some plants that your pets can enjoy.


The minor steps taken by you can play a huge role in your pet's life, and hence we'd recommend you to take the proper steps so you can make your pet feel comfortable at and secure when they are at your home. 

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