How To Make Your Dog's Instagram More Popular in Six Ways

Instagram has become a central part of social media today and has helped shape the way humans communicate via sharing images of literally anything. The social platform is lucrative to not only individual users but businesses such as Handmadewriting, WritingsGuru, and

You don’t need to be a true Instagram addict to have spotted artistic imagery of culinary delicacies, travel destinations, luxury lifestyle moments, and of course, pets. Especially pets. Dogs take a special part of our lives and tend to be compared to a best friend for a reason. They are certainly interesting to observe, fun to be around, and adorable which makes them perfect photo shooting sessions at all times. If you’ve posted one picture of your dog on your Instagram chances are that you have felt the urge to do it again and again. So why not create a separate Instagram account and make your furry friend popular?

Let’s look at some tips on creating a popular dog Instagram!

Why Build a Dog Instagram Profile

The temptations of growing an Instagram account are several. For starters, the joy of opening up your Instagram and seeing a ton of likes, comments and followers is surely a plus and is a contribution to our self-esteem and confidence in the social media world. However, human emotions are not the only factor. Popular Instagrammers can live off the habit of posting stunning images that others enjoy observing.

Yes, that’s right. You can actually make money from developing a successful and trendy Instagram account in a number of ways. For instance, you can be hired as a brand ambassador to promote products or services or receive money to mention or tag brand names in your photos if you are extremely popular in the space. In other words, in today’s highly digital world there are creative ways of becoming rich purely by having some fun.

Tips for Creating a Trendy Dog Instagram Profile


1. Find Your Dog’s Unique Points

At the very start of building your dog’s Instagram profile, it will be useful to brainstorm around the unique aspects of your dog. Think about the visual characteristics of your puppy and try to pinpoint things that make them different from the rest. This may be their colors, fur, facial expressions, and more. The goal is to leave a lasting impression in other Instagrammers and make them come back for more. Another tip is to analyze your dog’s behavior and take images of special moments or capture specific emotions that are likely to trigger a response from the profile’s visitors. Funny situations tend to do work wonders as they are highly sharable and enjoyable. Make a list of the strengths of your dog as if they were a fashion model and try to make the most of any potential weaknesses.

2. Create Stunning Images

Now that you are well aware of your dog’s true potential, it is time to get to work. Although there are a number of factors influencing the popularity of an Instagram profile, it all starts with the quality of the posted images and their ability to capture attention. Choose interesting settings and seize the moment by capturing your dog in their natural behavior and habitat. A very good example of a successful dog Instagram profile is that of Loki the Wolfdog, which has attracted 1.9 million followers. Loki is a beautiful husky whose images depict the adventurous life of a happy pet in a stunning way. There is a ton of creativity around the settings of the images posted on the profile and users certainly respond well by liking, commenting, and sharing.

Tip: You can try free image editing tools such as Snapseed or VSCO to give your photos a slight upgrade and make them even more mesmerizing!

How To Make Your Dog's Instagram More Popular in Six Ways

3. Play Around with Short Videos

Video content is extremely popular today and has a proven track record of engaging users and offering an additional way of building trust between an Instagram profile and its followers. It is the perfect way to show users what your dog’s true nature is, how they behave in certain situations, and what makes them special. Try posting a short recording of funny experiences with your dog or daily routines that they go through to win the hearts of Instagrammers. It is worth noting that Instagram currently has a restriction of videos in the main feed to be no longer than 60 seconds, meaning that you may have to pre-plan the video content beforehand to get the maximum results.

Tip: Try experimenting with tools such as Boomerang to make everyday moments fun an unexpected and share them with the world via Instagram. FilmoraGo is another useful app for adding some spice to your dog’s videos for ultimate results.

4. Preplan Your Instagram Outlook

If you have already posted a few images of your dog on Instagram you may have experienced the feeling of excitement and eagerness to create more and more content. However, be careful of creating a chaotic profile with no logical flow. To make your dog’s Instagram profile popular and attract more followers it must be organized, easy to comprehend, and beautiful to look at. Sometimes it may be difficult to visualize what your feed will look like after a month of posting. To prevent disappointments, try the Preview App, which will help you keep your feed organized and tidy. It gives Instagrammers the option or rearranging images and designing the best outlook.

5. Be Consistent

Next in the list is consistency. To create a trendy dog Instagram profile you will certainly need consistency. It is nice to see more followers enjoying your content but what is even better is seeing them stay. Try to develop a habit of regular posting to keep your followers entertained and intrigued by the life of your furry soulmate. There is a range of free tools that can be used for the purpose, such as Hootsuite, a social media marketing and management dashboard. Try to preplan your postings and arrange them on the dashboard. The tool will then post automatically at the set time and date.

How To Make Your Dog's Instagram More Popular in Six Ways

6. Use the Right Hashtags

Last but not least, the use of hashtags can make or break your Instagram account. Hashtags are literally the path to new followers as they will be the ones who attract new users to your account by previewing your content on their news feeds. To get your dog’s stunning images across to new people, it is important to select the best hashtags that will attract like-minded people to the Instagram profile.

Tip: There is a range of useful tools such as Hashtagger that have been designed with the purpose of helping Instagrammers grow their profiles organically. Simply insert a word and see what the most popular hashtags related to the topic.

We hope that this list of tips to make your dog’s Instagram popular will help your furry sweetheart reach a wider audience and earn the popularity it deserves.

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