How To Keep Up With Your Energetic Dog

Keeping up with your beloved dog can be a challenge if you are coming home from work tired, or simply don't know what to do for fun. Perhaps your dog has more energy than you, and needs to get tired out on a regular basis. Check out these ideas, and see how you can ensure your dog is getting plenty of exercise and you are both able to enjoy your time together, no matter what you are doing.

Go Hiking Together

Hiking is a great way for dogs and their owners to spend time with one another. Depending on how busy the trail is and what the rules are, you can let your dog run a little bit ahead of you, or simply give them a longer lead. This way you can hang back a little bit and take it easy and let your pet burn a little bit of energy off. You can also decide how far you want to hike. Hiking is an activity that you and your dog can enjoy in all types of weather (provided they don't mind the rain or snow), and there is often no shortage of trails to hike that allow dogs, no matter where you are in the United States. Search for dog-friendly hiking trails so you and your pooch can discover new locations together, and be sure to stock up on Outdoor Dog Gear before you hit the trails. 

Look For Dog-Friendly Parks

Dog parks are another great way for your dog to play and exercise without you having to exert a lot of energy if you don't feel up to it. It is important to know how your dog will react around other dogs. If they are not friendly or don't like certain breeds, it might be helpful to avoid these types of places, at least until you have your pet properly socialized. Some dog parks offer different pens for puppies and small breeds, so you don't have to worry about how your larger dog will do with a smaller one. Not all dog parks are created equal, so go and check them out for yourself before bringing your pet along. If it looks properly fenced in and safe, it might be a good idea for your dog to play here, especially on days when you know they need to get out, but you aren't sure how you'll keep up.

Play a Game of Catch

Most dogs like playing catch, and you don't have to run around if you're not feeling up for it. If you can get your pet to retrieve the ball and bring it back to you, it is usually easy enough to keep up with them. If you find yourself low on energy when playing fetch, a product like Greens Powder might be helpful in providing you with the energy you need in order to ensure playtime is a success for both of you.

Keeping up with your energetic dog can be hard if you find yourself tired after working a long day or otherwise worn out from life. One solution is to go hiking together and find trails that are ideal for your dog to hike on. That way, you can decide how short or long you want your outing to be. Another option is to pick dog parks where your pet can meet others, play, and have fun. Make sure you go by yourself and check the park out first, to determine that it is safe and someplace you would want to take your dog to. Finally, playing a game of catch is a good way for your dog to have fun without requiring you to overexert yourself. These are just a few options that can ensure you and your pet are spending quality time together and having fun, in a variety of different settings. No matter what type of dog you have, it is important to give them plenty of exercise and time outside on a daily basis.

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