How to Improve Your Cat’s Health – Effective Ways to Know

Cats are like babies. They depend on us. We need to treat them and pamper them the same way as we treat our real babies. They don’t only need food and water from us, but they also want our love and care.

Seeing your cat healthy and happy is sometimes all that is worth your effort. If someone owns a cat, he or she can never think bad of it. You must have tried your best anyways to keep your cat healthy, but there are a few ways that you should know to take better care of your cute little cat.

5 Ways to improve the cat’s health

In this cat blog, I would like to tell you some ways to improve your cat’s health. These things include a regular check with the vet, giving high fiber cat food, watching over the cat’s weight, and many more. Let’s see them one by one:

1.   Keep a check on cat’s weight:

We all love fatty, cuddly kittens, but these extra pounds that are making your cat obese are really not good for its health. Cats too have problems linked with obesity like diabetes, heart issues, and lung problems. Obesity can also affect their immune function and might also lead to cancer.

No matter your cat is fat, it is not at all healthy for it.

How To Avoid Obesity: if you feel like your cat needs to cut on some weight, you can:

  • Reduce the portions of the food.
  • Avoid giving a lot of canned food or dry kibble.
  • Play with your cat to keep it active and helping with the exercise.
  • Increase the water intake of your cat.

2.   A check on the teeth:

Same as ours, any dental-related issue can lead to many health problems. It’s recommended for you to learn how to brush your cat’s teeth so that you can avoid any dental disease.

3.   Don’t let your cat go out alone:

Keeping your kitty more at your home will decrease the risk of an accident. By staying at home, they can sure stay away from the possibility of meeting any predator that could hurt your cat or meeting with a stray cat that could transmit the disease to your cat.

Leaving them outside might lead to fleas, mites, ticks, or intestinal worms that will surely affect the cat’s health.

Keep it inside, but again play with your cat, give it space to enjoy, and let it have some physical activity.

4.   Regular checkup with the vet:

We know that cats can’t tell what they are going through. Keeping a regular checkup with the vet will help you to understand your cat’s health detail better. Cats are susceptible to catch the disease, so it is better to pick one if there is any at an early stage than to compromise on your cat’s health.

5.   Giving high fiber cat food:

Healthy food means a healthy body. Stop the habit of giving those dry kibble to your cat in every meal. It will only deteriorate your cat’s health.

Things to consider while selecting the cat meal:

  • First things first, you should switch to meat from the dry food. No matter what and how cute they look, they are actually carnivorous, and they need to have meat in their diet.
  • Give raw meat now and later too. Your cats are unable to synthesize proteins, so they need it directly from the diet.
  • The cats also need some direct omega three sources like tuna or salmon.
  • The food you are providing to your cat should be high in fiber content to avoid any gastric issues of the cat.
  • We usually consider cats with a bowl of milk, but the reality is that dairy is not good for cats. Cats prove to be lactose intolerant. Giving milk, ice-cream, or any other dairy product will severely affect the cat’s health.
  • Feed them according to what the vet suggests either 2 or 3 times a day. Do not let the food bowl full every time.

6.   Make them feel special:

The cats’ nature is a lot like humans. They need to feel special too.

  • Give your cats a space of their own on bed.
  • They need a scratching post and a litter box.
  • Brush them regularly and give them your love.

All these things will impart a great effect on your cat’s health, and they will lead towards healthy living.  Moreover, being cats fond, it’s always happy to see our beloved cat active and in a good mood.

7.   Do not punish them often:

Cats have a very sensitive nature. You should not punish them often as it will make the situation worse. Your cats will become frightened, and it will eventually affect their health.

If you are going to punish them, know the actual reason first, let them know what they did. Do not directly just punish them as mental health is as important as physical health.


These are some useful tips and tricks to have a healthy cat at your home. Follow the above steps to keep your cat healthy and fit. 

Follow these steps and precautions and see an obvious change in your cat’s health and behavior.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the healthiest meal for a cat?

Cats are carnivorous by nature. They need to eat meat and get proteins out of it. They need protein for their growth and health, so you can give beef, chicken, and turkey for proteins or fish for omega 3. Giving a high fiber diet is also necessary.

Q. Is it bad to keep the cat always inside?

Leaving your cat outside will increase the incidence of any fight with other stray cats, getting any infection, or meeting an accident. It is advisable to keep the pet cats at home for their healthier life.

Q. Which one is better for cats? Canned food or dry food?

Canned food is better than the dried one as it will give better hydration than the dry food. Cat usually doesn’t drink water over dry food, which greatly affects their kidneys and leading to some other health issues. So out of these two, canned food is better.


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