How To Ensure Your Indoor Cat Is Content

When your cat is happy, you're happy. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your little fur ball is content. Cats may be a bit hard to please at times. They may even come off as aloof. However, it's usually not difficult to interpret a cat's body language and various meows after being acquainted for a bit. It can be easy to forget that the feline species were wild at one time, but today's domesticated kitties still hold on to many of those instincts. To ensure that you have a happy cat on your hands, you have to appeal to your pet's domesticated side and natural instincts. Just like people, cats' health and happiness typically go hand in hand.

Feed Appropriately

The way to a cat's heart is often through its stomach. As much as you enjoy spoiling your kitty, feeding on a schedule is typically healthier than leaving food out all the time. When food is available all day, every day, it's a temptation for cats to eat whenever they're hungry or even bored or anxious. Feline obesity can lead to other major health issues, such as diabetes.

Most cats do well eating two meals per day, approximately eight to 12 hours apart. You may want to add supplements to your cat's diet if you feel nutrition lacks in certain areas. An Ultimate Pet Nutrition coupon code can help. A few treats are sure to make your cat's day; moderation is key. Make sure fresh water is accessible to your kitty at all times.

Combat Boredom

Indoor cats can get bored quickly. After all, life inside can get monotonous, especially compared to everything the great outdoors offers. Boredom can lead to anxiety and stress, and these negative emotions can lead to physical illnesses like obesity and urinary tract infections. You should be able to keep your kitty's natural drive to hunt satisfied with interactive toys, especially when you're not available to supply attention. Provide your kitty with various toys, such as ones that dispense treats with a specific type of activity, stuffed toys, bouncy balls and catnip toys.

Teach Appropriate Scratching

Cats love to scratch their claws on various items; it's part of their nature. They'll scratch on virtually anything, including furniture, so be sure to provide materials that are acceptable to scratch. Scratching posts work well for some cats. Try rubbing catnip on it to grab your kitty's attention. If your cat begins clawing something that shouldn't be scratched, a stern "no" should be followed by the introduction of an acceptable scratching alternative. Several options are available, so it may take some trial and error to find the perfect solution for your cat.

Provide Space

Cats do best when they have their own space. Your kitty should have areas for food and water, a bed, a scratching post, toys and a litter box. Ideally, the litter box will be in a quieter part of the home, somewhere that's easily accessible and well-lit. Like people, cats don't want their food and water in the same space as their toilet, so make sure that your kitty's food and water are in a different area, away from the litter box. If they must be in the same room, put them on opposite ends.

Give Attention

Cats are often thought of as low-maintenance pets because of their independent nature and litter box use. However, many cats get lonely without company. Spend some time playing with your kitty every day, and be sure to provide lots of love and snuggle time. If your schedule doesn't allow you to spend as much time with your cat as you'd like, your kitty may enjoy the companionship of another feline. You could also have a pet sitter drop in for a while each day to offer playtime and affection.

Ultimately, the key to your cat's overall health and happiness is the bond that you share. Give your kitty all the love and attention you have to give along with meeting these needs, and you'll notice that you have a perfectly content cat.

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