How to Deal With a Cat That Sheds Too Much

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It's a completely natural process for cats to shed their fur.  Whenever the weather starts to warm up, they can even start to shed more as they'll no longer need as much fur as their winter coat did.  Losing too much hair around the home can certainly cause a headache for owners.

It will get all over your clothes, making it painfully aware to the public that you're a cat owner.  Hair will also get embedded in your furniture and carpet if you don't do something about it.  Here are a few tips on how to deal with a cat that sheds too much.

Get a Health Checkup

If you feel your cat is shedding way too much hair, then you should consider getting a vet's opinion.  There are certain health issues that can cause excessive hair loss.  For example, if there are circular patches, it could be a sign of feline ringworm.  Address potential medical issues first and foremost.

A healthy cat will have a shiny, smooth coat.  There will be no patches.  With proper grooming habits, there will be no matting of the hair either.  Pests can also be an underlying problem.  Fleas for example will cause cats to chew, lick, or bite at the itchy areas.  The side effect of this is possible increased shedding though.

Stress and anxiety may also be a factor.  Cats that are anxious for some reason may again tend to over-groom.  Relieving the cause of the stress would correct this behavior though.

Brush Away Excess Fur

When it comes to picking fur up, I'm sure you'd much rather get it up with a brush rather than a vacuum cleaner.  Cats are great groomers and will naturally pick up a lot of fur while getting themselves clean.  If you lend a helping hand and brush your cat, excess fur would end up in the brush rather than on the furniture or your clothes.

The ideal brush to use will depend on your specific cat.  Obviously, longer-haired breeds would need a different design when compared to the needs of the shorter-haired variety.  Some cats won't stand to be brushed though.  So, you may have to let your cat get acquainted with the brush by leaving it lying around for a little while before she'll be comfortable with it.

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

So many systems require proper hydration to function.  The condition of your cat's coat can be reflective of the amount of water she's getting.  Cats that don't stay properly hydrated tend to have dry skin and a rougher coat.  These conditions make it easier for fur to fall out more than normal.  You'll want to be sure your cat always has plenty of water to drink whenever she feels the need.

Feed a Healthy Diet Too

Hand-in-hand with the previous point is feeding a proper diet.  Nutrients provided from food will keep the skin and coat from drying out and becoming dull.  All cats need the right mix of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 

High-quality foods typically provide the right amount of nutrients that cats need to stay healthy both inside and out.  Not only may lower-quality cat foods lack in providing the right mix, but they may also be harder for your cat to digest.  Some brands have food geared specifically towards addressing coat issues, but you should consult your vet before making any major changes.

Dealing With the Fur

Cleaning up the litter box is a breeze compared to cleaning up the fur your cat may leave behind everywhere she travels.  It will end up in your carpet, furniture, and especially on your clothes during bonding sessions.

Hopefully, there won't be as much need to remove fur from your clothes since the grooming and brushing will remove the excess.  But, what happens can easily be handled with a quick sweep from a lint roller.

Smaller areas of your home like furniture and rugs can be kept tidy thanks to a small handheld vacuum cleaner.  You can keep your full-size vacuum tucked away for deep-cleaning your home when necessary.

Dealing with tons of fur is an unfortunate side effect of owning a cat.  It's definitely not a deal-breaker however.  Following these tips will help you hopefully keep the situation under control.

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