How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

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We all love our pets and love to let them out and about, but how do we ensure that they’re safe and sound outside in the garden? Unfortunately there are dangers lurking out back, but fortunately, we’re going to help you create a dog friendly garden with this guide. Let’s take a look at what to do.

Cover Escape Routes

One way to make your area safe is to ensure that all escape routes are covered so that your pet can’t run away to danger – they need to stay in their perfect garden. It’s important to make any fencing secure and strong and if you don’t have any then put some up. If you live in a busy town area, put up a solid panel fence rather than one that your dog could peep through – this will avoid distractions and passers-by that might taunt your dog. Planting tall shrubs can also help with this. You may find that your dog might like to dig under the lines of demarcation, so if your pup is a digger, lay down a wire mesh fence in front of the existing fence at least 15cm deep into the earth.

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

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Dog Friendly Garden = Dog Friendly Plants

There are a lot of plants common to gardens that can be harmful to dogs, for instance, Laburnum seeds or rhododendrons which are toxic at their roots. For dogs that dig at roots, this can be dangerous for their health. Bulbs such as Lilly and Narcissus can also be harmful if consumed in large quantities and do make sure to avoid sweet peas, hellebores, and delphiniums. Stay clear of plants that have thorns or pointed leaves that might injure your pup.

If you want that dog garden decor, you don’t need to necessarily buy dog garden fountains, you can just use shrubs. The best kinds of plants for borders are edible roses and pansies, but just beware as they’ll attract bees that might frighten your animal. Plant shrubs and herbs that are beneficial to a pup’s health such as fennel, calendula, and thyme – all of these have positive nutritional and healing properties. No worries if your dog eats one of these!

How to Create a Dog-Friendly Garden

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Other Tips

It’s important to keep your garden tidy and free from any sharp tools or hazardous objects. Always dispose of any kind of hot waste from your BBQ in a safe manner and don’t forget to improve the safety of ponds by covering them with a mesh or grill. Pet feces need to be removed when found because they can cause worms to hatch which can live in the soil for a long time – handling this soil can result in fevers, vomiting, and diseases. Perhaps, all of these facts have left you worried, and you’re thinking about how to keep your dog out of the garden. That’s all ok! Think about how to keep a dog out of garden area by creating a dedicated dog zone with clear lines of demarcation, a raised platform where your pup can look out from and a lovely bowl of water to drink from!


Do you have any tips on how to keep your garden dog safe? Please get in touch with us and leave your comments below.

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