Helping Your Adopted Dog Adjust To Your Home


Adopting a dog is one of life’s most beautiful acts. But, it is not all rainbows and butterflies at first. An adopted dog will have an adjustment period when he starts living in your home. Unlike a new dog, an adopted dog has lived its life someplace else. Here are a few tips on how to help your adopted dog adjust to your home:

Have a game plan

Before adopting a dog, you should have a plan. Make sure that you have simple dog accessories or treats. You could start by buying a dog leash, toy, and other basic dog necessities like for grooming (for this, you might want to consider PawCastle's guide on dog grooming clippers) It is important to attend to these so when the dog comes, it will feel right at home already.

Another essential thing to think about when adopting a dog is what teaching technique you will use to train him. It is important to learn some positive-reinforcement techniques on dogs so that not only will he become more comfortable, but also you. It is crucial that both you and the dog are both comfortable in the situation that you are experiencing. The adjustment period will become much shorter the faster that your new dog is comfortable in your home.

Another thing to plan is his vet. Know the vets around your area, so that you will know where to go if something needs to be checked. Do not wait for an emergency to happen before looking for an animal clinic near you.

Have a routine

It is much less stressful if you know what will happen next. So, it is the same for adopted dogs. They are placed in a situation entirely new for them. Being in a new place might cause anxiety and stress for them. So, as much as possible, have a routine. They will get used to eating, walking, and sleeping at the same time every day. Repeating some keywords before doing something will make it easier for him to know what is happening. For example, it is you want to take him out to walk. You could tell him “Let’s walk!” every time before taking out to walk.

Do not worry

Not all adopted dogs become comfortable with their new family the very first week. Some dogs take months before they get comfortable. Stomach problems usually occur to adopted dogs because of the sudden change in their diet. Ask the shelter what brand they buy for their dog food. You can start by mixing some of the old food with something different if you do not want the old brand.  But, as soon as they get used to it, everything will be fine.

Do not leave them unattended outdoors

Adopted dogs might tend to escape because they feel uncomfortable at the new scenery. Always remember to keep them on a leash if they are outdoors. Even if you have a fence, dogs can still find a way to dig under or jump over fences. But, once the dog becomes comfortable after some time, you can leave them outdoors in your backyard even without a leash.

Family is important too

Before adopting a dog, make sure that everyone in your family agrees to it. If someone doesn’t want to have a dog in their family, it may cause some distress within your home. So, make sure that everyone wants a dog to know that your adopted dog will enter a warm and loving family.

Do not overwhelm the dog

A new dog will almost always be anxious when meeting new people. You probably want to show your new dog to all your friends and family. But, take it slow. Give him time to get to know your friends and family. Adopted or new dogs prefer to meet a new person one at a time. Meeting one person at a time will make it easier for him to feel comfortable, instead of overloading him with new things every day.

Before going through with that adoption

These are just some suggestions on how to make your adopted dog more comfortable faster in your new home. Remember that it is a hard time for anyone when moving to a new place, what more with dogs. Keep them safe and loved always. Dogs deserve it!


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