Have a Family Pet? Here's What you Need to Know

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If you have a family pet, you’ll want to give your animal pal the best care possible. Even though you likely already do everything that you can to ensure the best health and quality of life for your pet, there might be some things that you’re overlooking that could allow you to take even better care of the animal member of your family. Here are a few extra things that you should know about your family pet.

The Importance of Staying on Top of Dental Health

Like humans, animals can develop cavities in their teeth and suffer from other dental problems that could compromise their overall health. Dentists who are skilled at cleaning animals’ teeth should perform regular teeth cleanings on your pet and conduct examinations to look for any other dental problems that may exist. If you have a dog or cat, you should be brushing their teeth regularly with toothbrushes that are made specifically for them. You’ll also want to brush your pet’s teeth during times when they are the most relaxed so that they won’t feel as threatened and try to resist.

Health Problems aren’t Always Noticeable

Dogs, cats and other animals aren’t able to communicate the way that humans do, and your family pet could be suffering from a serious medical condition that you’ll only find out about when you take them in for a checkup at the vet. Cats, in particular, are known to hide their pain, and your precious feline may be suffering while still acting perfectly normal. Your pet’s vet can perform thorough examinations and diagnostic testing that can identify certain medical conditions that require prompt treatment for your pet to start feeling their best again.

Death is Inevitable

As much as you want your family pet to live forever, they will die eventually, and you’ll want to prepare yourself to deal with the loss better. Some pet funeral services can help you learn how to deal with the loss of a pet better by assisting you with planning your pet’s funeral in advance. You can also arrange to have special keepsakes of your pet made so that you can have something tangible to hold onto and always cherish their memory. If you believe that losing your family pet will be particularly difficult for you emotionally, you should consider seeing a counselor or another professional in the mental health field who can help prepare you to cope better.

Regular Home Cleanings are Essential

Even if you have a pet that is housetrained and isn’t messy, you’ll want to clean your home often to remove hairs, dirt and germs that animals can bring into a living space. WebMD.com suggests brushing your dog or cat regularly to limit the number of hairs that are shed onto carpets and other home surfaces. You might also have to exchange some of your upholstery furniture for pieces that are made with leather or tightly woven materials so that they don’t trap as many hairs or other particles from your pet. A vacuum that provides stronger suction, good brushing action and a reliable filter may also need to be purchased to keep your home cleaner when you have a family pet.

Emotional Care Shouldn’t be Neglected

Dogs and cats often need emotional support from humans to feel safer and more loved when living in a home. When you return home after work or while out doing other things, you should acknowledge your pet and take a few moments to pet and play with them so that they feel appreciated and like you haven’t abandoned them. It’s also a good idea to reward your pet with treats for good behavior so that they feel appreciated and will be more inclined to continue with the positive behaviors. Extra emotional support may be especially needed for pets who’ve been rescued from abusive homes. Taking your pet on family road trips can also make them feel more like they’re part of the family and receiving the attention that they need to feel the most secure.

A pet can bring a lot of joy to your family, and you’ll want to know everything that’s needed to give your pet the best care possible so that all their needs can be met. Taking the time to meet these needs will help ensure a stronger bond between your pet and everyone else in your family.


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