Got Pets? You Need a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring has made an inevitable comeback in the design world. One of the most popular flooring choices in the 20th century, vinyl floors moved out of the spotlight as newer, more contemporary flooring options came on the market. However, with further development and innovation, vinyl flooring has seen an uptick in desirability. Now available in various colors and patterns, this flooring solution is ideal for pet owners. It’s easy to clean, comfortable underfoot and stands up to wear and tear.

Durable and Safe

Got Pets? You Need a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl is easy to live with and extremely low-maintenance—a great feature for those of us busy with veterinary appointments and puppy play dates. Not only is it perfect for paws of all kinds to walk across, but its brightness and translucency create flexibility in its design, allowing vinyl flooring to be made in many patterns, colors and variations. It’s also an eco-friendly choice: Progress has been made in the flooring industry to create a recyclable version of vinyl.

Vinyl can be used in nearly every room in the house. Whether you use it in the kitchen, bathroom, basement, family room or laundry room, it makes an attractive and durable flooring solution. It is also a non-reactive surface. This means that vinyl can be cleaned with most, if not all, cleaning products available at grocery or home improvement stores. So if Rover has an accident or knocks over a glass of wine, there’s no need to fear for your floor.

Find the Right Vinyl Flooring for You

Got Pets? You Need a Vinyl Floor

If you’ve made the decision to take a closer look at purchasing vinyl flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, do your research. The price of vinyl flooring is driven by the method used to make the pattern in the material. Check to see if the vinyl you’re looking at is surface-printed or inlaid and how much that affects its retail cost. Also, consider looking at tiles with a fiberglass topcoat. This extra layer helps protect your vinyl flooring and makes it last longer. However, it is an extra charge.

When it comes to cost, beware unexpectedly inexpensive tile. Vinyl flooring that is very cheap generally won’t last. While vinyl is extremely cost-effective to begin with, you don’t want to cut corners to save an extra penny. Make sure to compare prices and manufacturers before settling on a style. Find a reputable retailer who offers assistance in departments like budget, the method of manufacturing, warranty and how long it will take to install the flooring.

If you’re planning on installing vinyl flooring yourself, be sure to ask your retailer a lot of questions. The more you ask, the easier the project will be. Vinyl is a very forgiving flooring solution to install, but making sure you know the ins and outs of how it functions will help to speed up the process.


Are you a pet owner considering vinyl flooring? If so, have you had experience with specific colors or patterns that work best with the pets in your home?

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