Furry Pet Owners: How to Keep Your Home Hair Free

How many times per day do you find yourself vacuuming or sweeping up pet hair? If you’re like most, this is a task you have to do regularly in order to keep fur from overwhelming your home. While both of these cleaning methods do help, are you looking for other ways to keep a fur-free home? You’re in luck! Below you’ll find some useful information to help make your home a little less furry.

Make Spot Removal Easy with Gloves

If you spend countless dollars on sticky tape to spot remove hair from your furniture, then rubber gloves are worth trying out. Simply run them through water to make them damp before slipping on. After that, put them on and run your hand along the furniture and the hair will come with it. A spray bottle filled with water and a couple of drops of fabric softener can also be used on your gloves to wipe hair off more easily.

Keep Dryer Sheets Close By

Dryer sheets can be wiped on your furniture, floors, clothing, and carpets to remove excess fur from your pets. What’s even better is that you’ll attract dust and lint with these as well, so they can lend a hand at making your entire home cleaner. Another benefit is that the clean scent will make your home smell fresh, which can eliminate the smell that most pets leave behind.

Are You Tired of Carrying a Heavy Vacuum?

If you lug your vacuum around every room in the house in order to get rid of pet fur, you’re not alone. Most pet owners do the same thing and have the back pain to prove it. For those who have a lot of ground to cover, central vacuum systems are worth considering. These “whole house vacuums” are built into the house and have small suctions located in virtually every room. Once installed, all you’ll have to do is attach a hose to the port in order to vacuum up the hair. This is far easier than carrying a vacuum around and even helps reduce the amount of dust that recirculates into the air.

Tip: When you do vacuum, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on the carpet before. In addition to helping to deodorize, this can loosen up fur so you suction more at once. This can result in carpets that take longer to show evidence of a pet walking on them all day.

Spending More Time in the Tub

How often do you give your pet a bath? Many pet owners don’t realize that regular bathing can result in less shedding for many pets. Once they are dry, make sure to brush in order to pick up excess hair before it hits the floors. If you own a particularly furry cat, don’t worry about baths. There are cat-friendly wipes you can purchase that will remove hair, pet dander, and dirt all at once.

Tip: If you don’t have the time or space to give baths to a larger dog, then a groomer will likely be your best option. Some offer discounts for regular visits, so it’s a good idea to ask about packages.

Making Your Home Fur-Free with Ease

The tips and advice above are some of the best for helping to keep excess fur at bay within your cozy home. However, it’s important to note that regular cleaning is one of the best things you can use. If you wait too long to clean, fur will most certainly build up. Fortunately, if you are diligent about cleaning often, you’ll find that keeping a fur-free home is much easier than you anticipated.

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