Effective Dog Training Tactics That Really Work

Can you make your dog obey your commands each and every time you issue them? Can you make your dog come, stay, fetch or heel when you want him (or her) to? Or are you one of the frustrated dog owners who cannot budge their dogs to obey anything they say?

Well, if you belong to the latter group, your worrying days can now be over.

Some dogs naturally defy every dog training efforts - it’s in their genes, they were made to be that way. Some of these dogs include the non-sporting, terrier and hound breeds that were bred to hunt, catch prey and fight. These dogs simply do not need to follow their master’s commands to feel good about them or to be appreciated. Yet, these heroic beasts now reside in our homes - domesticated. And this is where the problem begins.

Another factor that contributes to this utter defiance may lie in you - the dog’s owner. You may not know it but you may be sending negative signals to your dog making your dog training sessions a miserable experience. You may be showing some gestures that make you a subdominant figure in your dog’s eyes rather than that authoritative figure worthy to be obeyed.

Lack of eye contact, crouching and hesitant movements all convey an air of hesitancy and lack of control. These gestures may make you seem inferior in your dog’s eyes.

However, you do not need to resort to confrontational physical tactics to gain your dog’s attention and respect.

A dog training technique called the “alpha roll” (yanking and pulling and rolling the dog over) may work with some dogs. However, some dogs may even defy this technique.

For those independent dogs out there who are naturally defiant of any dog training efforts, you can establish your role as the authoritative figure by following these simple suggestions:

Always do Things First:

Whether it may be eating, playing, grooming or going through narrow places, you must be the one to initiate things. You can establish that you are the boss by feeding your dog only after you have eaten or by feeding him (or her) at a different time altogether.

Likewise, you must be the one to establish playtime and grooming time. Never give in to your dog’s demands. He (or she) may see it as obedience and reinforce his confidence in his (or her) dominance.

If you think that it’s a little bit too strict, just remember that you need it to make your dog training efforts a success.

Win Games:

When playing with your dog, make sure that you win. Do not let your dog run off with the tug-of-war toy just because you enjoy seeing him happy!

However, do not try to pull the toy away from your dog, either. Instead, let him (or her) give it you or drop it willingly. If he (or she) declines to give it to you, just wait or go inside the house. This will teach your dog the value of cooperation and will make your dog training sessions much easier.

Use an Authoritative Tone:

The tone of voice you use in your dog training sessions can spell the difference between success and failure.

Using an authoritative voice will gain you the “alpha” position - the leader of the pack whom your dog can trust to obey. So, in your dog training activities, it would be best to use a neutral and pleasant tone. This tone of voice catches the dog’s attention and prompts him (or her) to prepare for the task ahead.

Avoid using a high, soft pitch especially during dog training. This tone should only be used when playing with your dog.

Following these simple techniques may help you greatly in your dog training efforts. Have fun in turning that hard-to-train dog into that amiable creature you want it to be!

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