Dog Training Basics: The Beginner’s Guide To Training Your Dog

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A new dog is always an exciting addition to your family. They are lovable, incredibly loyal and can be a joy to be around. However, this can take a little bit of work in the form of training. If you think you’re going to get a perfect, well-behaved and trained dog from the start, you might be in for a rude awakening.

It can often take weeks, or even months, of work to train your dog to the level you are comfortable with. Also, not all dogs will take well to training and the process can be difficult, especially for new dog owners. In an effort to help those who might be struggling, or who have never trained a dog before, this article is going to go over some helpful dog training basics.

Use Treats, But Don’t Rely on Them Forever


One of the most powerful tools you have as a dog owner are treats. There are few things dogs love more than treats, and offering treats as a reward (or bribe) is often an easy way to get the dog to exhibit the behaviors you want. This makes treats a great tool to use during training. Rewarding a desirable action by your dog is a great way to encourage them to repeat the behavior.

You can even use treats for training when you are gone from the home. There now exist cameras that not only let you check in on your dog when you’re out, but they can also dispense treats. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to check out this link: Furry Friends Gear / dog camera that dispenses treats.

However, it is important to use the treats more as a reward, than as a bribe. Keep treats hidden until they have completed the desired action, so they aren’t only completing the action to get the treat. You will eventually want to stop using treats altogether once the dog will complete the action without needing the reward.

Be Patient and Stay Positive

Having patience is always important, but this is especially true when training your dog. It would be nice if dogs learned how to be perfectly behaved in a matter of hours, but that is not the case. It can sometimes take months for dogs to be trained on certain things like where to do their business or how to obey commands.

All dogs learn at their own pace, and it is important to give them time. Trying to rush your dog, getting upset or simply giving up will only extend the time it takes to train them, so it is best to stay calm, patient and positive. If you notice yourself getting frustrated with your dog, it is best to cut the training session short and try a bit later.

Keep Your Dog Focused

Ensuring that your dog can stay focused during the training is also important. Dogs, especially young puppies, are notorious for getting distracted by noises, other pets, moving objects or even their own reflection. If your dog is constantly being distracted during training, they simply won’t be able to absorb the information you are trying to pass on to them.

Try to train at a time that is quiet, and in a room with minimal distractions. Also, training your dog in short 15-minute sessions is another good way to ensure they stay focused. If the training sessions are too long and drawn out, the dog could become restless or simply begin to be uncooperative.

Training a dog can be a difficult task, but the basic tips covered in this blog post will surely help. By using treats, be patient and making sure your dog stays focused, training your dog doesn’t have to be difficult.


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