Dog-Friendly Tips to Prevent Fido From Going Godzilla on Your Lawn



Mitchell Orr

Your dog shows you unconditional love. However, your lawn doesn’t get the same treatment. No matter how hard you try to fertilize your grass, it always comes out damaged by your canine pooch. Dogs can be a terror to your lawn, but many lawn products can be a terror to your dog. To get the best of both worlds, check out these tips to save your lawn while still protecting your four-legged best friend.

The Amount of Damage Your Dog Can Do to Your Lawn

Our dogs are very territorial, which is good for us, but disastrous for the health of our lawn. Throughout the day, a dog will patrol their home and dig their heels in the grass when threatened by people passing by, or dig furiously in the dirt if they find something suspicious in their kingdom.  This can flatten your grass and create awkward patches across your lawn.

Also, as you probably know, male dogs will mark their territory with their urine. Dog’s urine is high in nitrogen which can burn your lawn and create unpleasant brown spots.

Planting Grass Seeds that Are Dog-Resistant

A well-kept lawn provides benefits to your home and also the environment. So, it is important to shield it from Fido by using the right protection.Check out ideas for pet-friendly grass seeds that are strong enough to fight against the wear and tear of your puppy.

- Kikuyugrass: Also known as pennisetum clandetinum, Kikuyugrass is a warm-seasoned grass seed native to East Africa, which means it needs to be grown in warm to cool temperatures and moist climate. Since it grows thick, it’s strong against the turbulence of your dog’s paws.

- Turf Style Tall Fescue: Called festuva arundinacea, this grass is good for those living in cooler climates. It’s bright green, low maintenance, and protects itself against dog’s urine. You should plant these seeds during the fall to allow for the perfect germination temperature.

- Perennial Rye Grass: This is probably one of the strongest grasses for cool temperatures and does the best in coastal areas. Growing in thick bunches, it has a reputation for durability and can tolerate anything your dog throws at it. Perennial rye grass also has an aggressive growth pattern, so it will grow fast to cover previous urine and paw damage.

- Kentucky Blue Grass: One of the most popular choices for grass seeds, Kentucky bluegrass grows well in cool weather. However, if given enough water, it can thrive during the fall and spring seasons as well. The grass spreads through rhizomes, which means that it will work fast to cover damaged patches across your lawn.

When planting your new seeds, cover them with an inch of mulch or straw to help protect the growing plant from your dog’s paw.

Picking the Right Fertilizer

Although most of the grass seeds won’t harm your dog, you will have to consider the type of fertilizer you use on your lawn. Some fertilizer chemicals can cause negative side effects if digested by your four-legged pal, such as seizures, muscle tremors, diarrhea, and vomiting. You will want to avoid any fertilizers that use phosphorous, sodium, iron, and copper. Instead use organic fertilizers that use byproducts such as bone, blood, feather, or fish meal.  You can also use plant-based fertilizers such as cottonseed meal, molasses, green manure cover crops, or kelp seaweed to encourage the growth of your grass and provide a safe environment for your pal.

Further Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Wreaking Havoc on Your Lawn

By planting the right grass and picking the right fertilizer, you can create a lawn that is pet-proof and pet-friendly. However, if your yard still needs protection, take some of these tips into consideration to reinforce and strengthen.

- While the new grass is growing, take your dog out on a leash, or find another way to prevent him from stepping on the new seeds.

- Water your lawn frequently. This will dilute the nitrogen from your dog’s urine and provide extra protection for your grass.

- Walk your dog frequently so that he receives enough activity and doesn’t need to take it out on the lawn.

- Give Fido a designated play area in your yard. You can plant shrubs or ornamental grasses as a border to fence off areas you don’t want him to get to.

- Pay attention to your puppy’s diet. In general, higher quality dog food have more protein, making it easier to digest and less likely to leave any products in your dog’s urine. Also be sure that he is getting enough water to dilute the strength of his urine.

Your dog and your lawn don’t have to be mortal enemies. With the right seeds, fertilizer, and attention, you can have a luscious lawn that your dog loves to play in.

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