Dog Etiquette: How Dog Owners Can Help Pets Mind Their Manners

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Many pet owners consider their dogs to be family members, taking them along on vacations and building elaborate dog houses in the backyard for their comfort. And while many dogs are well behaved, sometimes they need reminders on their etiquette. Being conscientious of how your pet behaves both at home and in public is important, not only for their own safety and comfort, but for the safety and comfort of others.

One of the best ways to help your dog learn to obey and behave is to work on training him. Older dogs may be a bit more stubborn than their younger counterparts, but you can still help him mind his manners. And training isn’t the only way to get your dog to be well-behaved; you can also give him lots of love and attention and make sure he gets plenty of exercise everyday.

P.L.A.Y., your headquarters for luxury pet products, invites you to consider these tips to make sure your dog is well-behaved.

Take Him Outside

All dogs, especially younger pups but even senior pooches, need lots of exercise. Puppies can get into a lot of trouble when they have too much energy to burn off; they can chew up items around your home, dig in the backyard, and irritate the neighbors by barking incessantly. Spending an hour outside with him when he can run around, either at your own home or the dog park, will not only help him stay healthy, it will also tire him out so he’ll be more manageable when it’s time to go back inside.

If you plan on using your own backyard to help your dog release some of his pent-up energy, building a fence to contain his shenanigans is an important consideration for your neighbors. Although you can help him learn to stay in your yard without a barrier, it’s wise to build a structure if you have the means to. You can find local fence companies with high customer acclaim on review sites like Angi, which recommends you reach out to three or more companies in order to find a contractor who can work within your timeline and budget.

If you don’t have a yard for your pup to play in, making regular visits to your local dog park will do wonders for his well-being. To find the dog park nearest to you, check out websites that allow you to search for dog parks in your area.

Give Him Extra Attention

Even the oldest dogs need love and attention; when they don’t get it, they can become unruly, disruptive, or withdrawn, all of which can lead to bad behavior. Set aside some time everyday to cuddle, talk to, and play with your dog, or make it a family affair. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard that he can run through with your kids, or play a simple game of fetch or Frisbee with him after dinner. For more game ideas, read on here.

Get Him Trained

Training your dog doesn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive endeavor. If you’re unsure about hiring a trainer, do some research online and look up simple commands you can teach your dog yourself. Look for specific training tips for your dog’s needs, such as helping him learn how to behave when you have visitors or around children.

Remember, however, that sometimes the best method is to work with a certified dog trainer, especially if your pup needs help with a lot of behavior modifications. Think of it as investing in your life together so that you can truly benefit from your companionship.

Banish Loneliness

If your dog is misbehaving a lot during the day while you’re at work, it could be that he’s just lonely. Consider hiring a dog walker who can come in during the afternoon and let him out, play with him, and give him a treat or two. If that’s not in the budget, think about getting a second pet from a rescue shelter so he’ll have a playmate.

Keep Boredom at Bay

Trouble comes for many animals when they get bored, and it can lead to destruction and damaged carpet, blinds, or other items around your home. Look for toys from PLAY that are meant to challenge your pet and help him stay engaged, or invest in a chew toy that you can put peanut butter or other treats inside to help keep him occupied.

Dogs are loyal companions who give lots of love and comfort; they can even help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Take care of him the same way he takes care of you--by making sure all his needs are met whether you’re home or not--and help him stay well-behaved both at home and in public.

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Cindy Aldridge is the creator of, a website advocating for the love and ownership of dogs. She believes that dogs truly are our best friends and wants to see fewer dogs in shelters and more in loving home
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