Considerations for Pet Owners When Shopping for Flooring Tile

When tackling a home renovation project, there are several factors to consider before deciding on something as major as what type of flooring to install. The importance of this decision is escalated when it has to suit not only your needs, but also those of your four-legged friend! With so many tiling options available on the market, selecting the one that best suits your practical criteria, budget and style can be overwhelming. Here’s a list of considerations to guide you in choosing the best tile flooring for you and your fuzzy best friend to enjoy together.

Location, Location, Location

Aesthetic choices aside, first decide which flooring area of your home you’re looking to cover in tile. In general, places that have the most foot (and paw) traffic greatly benefit from this durable flooring. Heavily trafficked areas withstand the most weight and mess of all your home’s surfaces. Luckily, tile is so expansive in variation that you have hundreds of options to choose from. Look at the areas your family and pets frequent the most and choose the sturdiest, darkest tiles and grouts for those spots. Your more gently used rooms can utilize lighter, cleaner tile styles.

Points for Porcelain

Considerations for Pet Owners When Shopping for Flooring Tile

Porcelain tile is not just similar to ceramic and glass in terms of beauty—this material’s scratchproof integrity sets it apart in terms of durability as well. In fact, home improvement professionals hold porcelain in highest regard when it comes to durability. It is the perfect material for moderately to heavily trafficked areas like kitchens, entries and hallways. Porcelain also boasts a no-slip grip—making it a useful flooring material for rambunctiously playful pups.

Au Naturel Stone

Considerations for Pet Owners When Shopping for Flooring Tile

Like porcelain, natural stone is slip-proof and elegant. Stone floors are frequently recommended for pet owners because of their natural coloration and pattern. Spots, scratches and stains are easily overlooked on natural stone tile, seamlessly blending in with the color and texture of the floor. Keep in mind that this natural wear and tear can be a downside when it comes to cleanups, as rough textures are considerably more difficult to sanitize than smooth ones.

Get Into Grouting

Considerations for Pet Owners When Shopping for Flooring Tile

While perhaps not as exciting or glamorous as the rest of the tile selection process, grout is an important detail while choosing new flooring—and even more so when you have pets. There are many types of grout to choose from with varying stain resistance, staying power and durability. White grout is traditionally used indoors, but darker grout can be featured as an unexpected design element. Dark grout can help to hide stains and splatters that are an inevitable occurrence on tile flooring, especially with pets in the house. Who wants to scrub the kitchen floor’s grout?

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Considerations for Pet Owners When Shopping for Flooring Tile

Last but definitely not least, check if your chosen tile flooring requires a sealant or setting agent. This is key to maintaining the health and life of your tile. Most natural stone tiles require a sealant to prevent discoloration and crumbling. Porcelain usually does not require the same maintenance, but it is something to consider if your cuddly critters have sharp claws or rough paws.

Whether you’re a cat lover or a dog person, tile floors are a robust alternative to other flooring types and are just as beautiful and cost-effective. With these suggestions in mind, choosing a tile, grout and sealant to fit your individual needs will be a breeze. Once your gorgeous new floor is installed, have fun adding extra flair like bold window coverings and unique accessories—all pet-proof, of course! 

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