Canine 101: What Your Dog Needs You to Know About Its Personal Safety

Dogs obviously do not know their own size or limitations. It is a wonderful statement to the persistent and fearless spirit of dogs, but it can get them into trouble too. Anyone who has been around dogs knows that tiny breeds of only a couple of kilos in weight will stand up to much larger breeds if they feel threatened. Dogs are also almost insanely curious, following their noses to explore each knew smell. Again, they are often getting into trouble wandering where they should not. Here are four things your dog needs you to know in order to keep him safe.

Keep Your Dog’s Poor Taste Under Control

When you eat something, about 9,000 taste buds let you sense the intricate flavors. Your dog’s palate is not so discriminating. Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds, and they have a strong affinity for things that are sweet or greasy. Antifreeze (ethylene glycol) has a sweet taste. You know not to ingest it, but your dog does not. A teaspoon of it from a leaky radiator can kill your dog. Be sure to keep your property where your dog can roam with little supervision free of hazards from mushrooms to pesticides and fertilizers. Even wild or cultivated grapes are toxic to some dogs.

Protect Your Dog with a Proper Fence

So-called “invisible fencing” for dogs is a popular product for keeping them within a set boundary. A shock collar is triggered to give your dog a jolt of electricity anytime he passes too close to a wire that is buried just below the surface of the ground in your yard. These devices require specific training routines. Otherwise, they are useless as the shock device is not meant to be worn all day, every day. The biggest fail point of these devices is that they do nothing to protect your dog from other dogs or dangerous wildlife that comes onto your property with an intent to do your dog harm. Real fences, like those from Diamond Fence, keep your dog secured from wandering away as well as protecting him from other animals that are wandering freely where you live.

Protect Your Dog from His Own Exuberance

Dogs will keep on going even when ill or injured. Even at play your dog will keep on going to the point of exhaustion. As long as you are going, your dog will keep up with you. Some sporting breeds do much better at high-energy work or play than other breeds. Brachycephalic (short snout) breeds are very sensitive to over exertion. Pugs, Boxers, Bull dogs and other breeds with short snouts need extra care when it comes to exuberant play, especially in the heat. They cannot regulate their temperatures and need for oxygen as well as other breeds. In fact, the issue is so serious that dogs with short snouts have been found to be more likely to die during air travel than dogs with normal-length snouts.

Provide Fresh Water Constantly

Dogs like to stop by the water bowl frequently during play or work. One serious mistake dog owners make when outdoors playing or working with their dogs is to not have fresh potable water ready for their dogs to take a drink. You want to avoid having your dog drink from questionable water sources from puddles to ponds. Water puddles on or near roadways contain toxins such as oil, petrol and antifreeze. Stagnant ponds can contain any number of toxins or pathogens that can make your dog very sick. Keep in mind that your dog is domesticated and not a wild animal. Carry water with you, and offer it often. When outdoors at home, keep a clean and fresh bowl of water nearby for your dog to drink from whenever he wants to prevent dehydration that can occur quickly in the heat of a normal day.

No matter how smart your dog is or how many tricks he can do, he is not an expert in personal safety. You need to take on the role of protector of your dog even if he has been trained to protect you. Be aware of the environment where your dog is working or playing, and stop trouble before it has a chance to happen.

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