Best Ways To Hike With Your Dog


There are few activities or tasks that aren’t made better with the company of man’s best friend. Some things, however, don’t immediately seem suitable to do with your pet. One of those, is hiking. This depends a bit on the hike, some are more like climbs, other more like strolls in the park, but whatever the case is, there are a few things to consider when preparing to bring your pup with you. So, let’s take a look at how to prepare.

Food And Water

Just like you would pack yourself all of the snacks and drinks you need to lift your energy levels, dogs need the exact same. “As animals, there’s a misconception that dogs will be able to simply fend for themselves, eating things they find on the walk and lapping at streams. However, with a trained dog as a pet, that just isn’t the case”, says, Martha Eliot, blogger at AustralianHelp and BigAssignments. To serve the water and food you might consider getting a collapsible dog bowl, something like this.

First Aid

No human embarks on a serious hike without packing some basic health supplies, so the same has to be done for a dog as well. You want your canine first aid kit to contain all sorts of things, from paw pads for cuts on their paws to tweezers for thorns or bugs. This will help ensure the safety and wellbeing of your dog and should stave off repercussions from any injury they sustain long enough to get them to the vet. Don’t skimp on this, it’s even worth bringing a few supplies if your simply going on a long walk, since dogs are much less likely to know what dangers to avoid compare to humans.

A Dog Pack

With all of the extra supplies that bringing your dog along on the hike is going to involve, you might start scratching your head and wondering whether you’re up to the task of doing all that carrying. The solution is simple (and pretty cute!). “Dog packs are really simple versions of backpacks, which adapt to the fact that dogs are on four legs, not two. The weight should be evenly distributed on either side, and ideally filled with the supplies relevant to your dog, to take the pressure off your load”, says Rose Kim, sports writer at Assignment Help Service. Make sure that you give your dog a little bit of time to get used to the feeling of wearing the dog pack, since anything like that which affects their movement can feel unfamiliar and awkward at first for them.

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A Place To Sleep

Sometimes, you might want to plan a hike that lasts a few days. Camping as you go can be a really rewarding and satisfying way to complete a hike, and a wonderful way to get away from the usual routines of life. These extended hikes can get lonely, which is even more reason to bring your little friend along! The problem is, where can he sleep? You absolutely can’t have them sleep outside, but the average tent that you can carry isn’t going to comfortably fit you and them. The solution, is to get an outdoor dog tent, something like this, from P.L.A.Y.. It’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to carry, and it gives them their own little home for the night or two.

Leash And Collar

You are probably reading this and thinking ‘check’. Not so fast! For a hike, with unpredictable terrain and the possibility of getting lost, it’s vital that you have a collar that is totally sturdy but comfortable for the dog to wear at all times. And then, the leash ought to be absolutely fool proof in its design, and, ideally, have some way to attach to you so that you don’t have to rely on holding it the whole time.


So, it’s definitely, definitely possible to make the hike with your canine pal work out. All it really takes is forethought and high quality, well chosen supplies. Once you’ve done this you’ll be well on the way to having a lovely, enjoyable journey with your pet.

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