Best Jobs For People Who Wants To Work With Animals

People who enjoy taking care of or interacting with animals have various career prospects. There are many opportunities to explore, from trainers and therapists to marine biologists. 

Whether you are looking for jobs for dog groomer or want to pursue a scientific career, this guide will help you see the possibilities. Together with job aggregator Jooble we’ve gathered the most demanded professions in this field. 

Popular Animal-Related Jobs


If you also have a passion for Medicine, this one might be just right for you. According to the US BLS, it is a well-paid career related to animals with a $99,250 annual salary. Of course, it takes a decent amount of time and effort to get specific education, but the result is worth it. 

For example, you can specialize in a particular group – farm animals or large dog breeds. Others can be surgeons, dentists, or anesthetists. The best part is that you’d get to help pets get better. 

Animal-Assisted Therapist

People who enjoy working with pets and humans can become therapists who incorporate animals into their practice. Those often work with the elderly, kids, or people with specific medical conditions like PTSD. 

To start this career, a person will also need a college education in this field. But it is a well-paid position in demand. 

Conservation Officer

Technically, it is a career in law enforcement, but it focuses on wildlife and the crimes against it. Officers do not only patrol the areas with wildlife to make sure everything is in order. They also investigate crimes and assist in bringing justice through the court. This job is a stellar opportunity for people interested in the legal field. 

Animal Trainer

Trainers work directly with the animals that will be serving. They can prepare service dogs and teach them to respond to different commands and reactions. Usually, trainers work with dogs or horses, but some specialize in rarer breeds. 

It is also possible to train pets and help people with specific breeds to teach them obedience and discipline.

Farm Worker/Manager

If you do not mind physical labor, working on a farm or starting your own is a good possibility to work with animals. There is a huge array of tasks that one needs to learn and perform here. The good thing is that you do not need to have a specific degree to get a job. 

Farmworkers take care of animal needs, feed them, graze, assist with birth, or might even do vaccinations and basic medical procedures. The last two so require some training. 

Wildlife Biologist

Are you fascinated with wildlife? Then, check this out. Biologists help to preserve wild animals. They conduct research and observe them in a natural habitat. It is a science-related career that requires analytical thinking and attention to detail. It is essential as well, as you’ll be helping to protect endangered wildlife species. 

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In Summary 

Those are the most popular careers related to animals. However, there are others, such as groomers, breeders, zookeepers, and pet sitters. Whether you prefer to interact with domestic creatures or wildlife, there are many possibilities.

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