Beautiful names for pets inspired by crystals and gemstones

You probably know that crystals and gemstones are popular these days. These magical stones are appreciated by different kinds of people, including pet parents, even though they may not consider themselves spiritual.

Crystals, geodes, and gemstones are used for many purposes by believers and even non-believers. Many use them for their energy or purely decorative purposes. And when it comes to our furry friends, crystals can be a source of inspiration and symbolism.

So if you want to bring a new pet into your home and family but still haven’t decided on a name, you might want to consider the following crystal-inspired names for cats and dogs.

Crystal-inspired names for dogs and their vibes

Yes, your dog or puppy shines brighter than a crystal. They deserve all of your affection and attention, and they also deserve a beautiful and meaningful name. I recommend the following names inspired by gemstones and crystals. But feel free to choose a pet name that you consider best suitable for your dog’s personality.

Crystal names for your male dogs:

Jasper - this name is inspired by jasper crystals that are believed to carry protective and guiding energies. It’s a great name choice for guide dogs and guard dogs. It’s also a good fit for your pet, reminding you that he will always be there for you.

Citrine - this crystal has a positive and joyful vibe and carries a sunny, yellow, and warm energy. As a dog name, it’s perfect for golden retrievers or any playful, happy dog. And just like a citrine crystal, your dog fills the room with positive energy and makes you smile daily.

Larimar - is a crystal used by crystal healers to unblock stagnant energies and help people feel closer to nature. Larimar or Larry can be a symbolic name for dogs because they always manage to bring us closer to nature. Not to mention they make us leave the house for a walk on days when we feel down or depressed.

Tiger - this name is inspired by the gemstone called Tiger’s Eye. It’s a strong name suitable for a strong protective dog who makes you feel safe and confident. The crystal is appreciated for its grounding energy and ability to enhance willpower and promote courage and inner strength.

Crystal names for your female dogs:

Amber - this is a gemstone that brings wisdom and patience into your life while stimulating the intellect. A great name for your smart pet who also makes your life challenging. It is a name that can work as a symbol and reminder to practice patience when it comes to your little furry troublemaker.

Maline - is a name idea that is inspired by tourmaline gemstones. Black tourmaline is a popular crystal that works as a shield against electromagnetic fields and harmful radiations. Maline could be a symbolic name for a dog who gets you away from your smartphone with her playfulness. So go play fetch in the park with your Maline cutie and make sure to offer her lots of love.

Iolite - is a crystal known to bring love and compassion to one’s life. It’s also a gem that inspires people to focus on the present moment. As a pet name, Iolite represents the unconditional love dogs show us and how their presence makes us feel grounded and in the present.

Lazuli - is a name for female dogs inspired by the Lapis Lazuli gemstone. It is a strong name, just like Lapis Lazuli is a stone of empowerment and strength. Our dogs often strengthen and make us feel more secure around strangers or when walking alone at night. They also make us feel comfortable and confident in our homes, so I recommend this name for dogs that give you safety and strength.

Names for cats inspired by crystals and their vibes

Cats tend to be less dependent on us, but they are great companions like dogs. Watching them play, eat, or sleep all day can give us a dopamine boost. Cats are cute, funny, and sometimes big troublemakers, but we can’t help but love them. So feel free to choose a crystals-inspired name for your feline pet from the following recommendations.

Crystal names for your male cats:

Onyx - often used to ward off negative energies, onyx is a stone known to attract good fortune and financial stability. It’s a cute and funny name for a cat, especially when you can’t help but pamper your feline with tasty treats. Hopefully, this name, like the onyx crystals, will protect your wallet.

Garnet - is an energizing and revitalizing stone. Garnet is also known to attract loving relationships and promote self-confidence. Your cat might already be confident enough, but this name could work as a reminder for you to follow your feline’s example regarding attitude. Garnet makes a great name for a confident but loving cat.

Carnelian - is a gemstone that dispels apathy and has protective properties. It is also known to encourage motivation and nurture creative energy. If your male cat is your spark of inspiration and your shield against negative thinking, then this crystal-inspired name could be for him.

Obsidian - is another protective stone. Obsidian is used for emotional traumas and mental stress relief; it has healing properties and reduces tension in the body. It can be a name representing how your cat’s presence heals and relaxes you mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s also a suitable name for black cats with shiny furs, just as shiny and dark as an obsidian crystal.

Crystal names for your female cats:

Agate - is a crystal said to keep your mind sharp, your heart clear, and your life perspective positive. It symbolizes equilibrium and harmony and its soothing energy helps people feel calm in any situation. May your cat wearing this name have the same energy and vibe as the agate crystal. 

Turquoise - appreciated by the ancient cultures, this stone has a fascinating sea-green color. It is a gemstone that strengthens intuition and enhances expression and communication. It can be a cute name for a vocal cat but also a symbol of interspecies understanding and communication. We may not use the same language as our cats, but we can show affection and care differently.

Angelite - a fitting name for your little furry angel who gets away with everything because they are so adorable and precious. Angelite crystals are a lullaby of love and light and have gentle, calming vibes. It’s believed to improve spiritual awareness and self-expression, so it’s an interesting name to give a cat if you like a little bit of mysticism in your life.

Topaz - is a crystal for longevity, strength, and wealth. It’s said that the ancient Greeks believed that a topaz crystal could make its wearer invisible, which makes it a funny name for a stealthy or sneaky cat who thinks you can’t see her making mischief.

Other pet names recommendations based on crystals

Many gorgeous crystals and gems can inspire you to name your pet, and we talked about only a few of them. You can also choose a crystal-inspired name for your dog or cat from the following list or look for other names that you feel could represent a part of your pet’s personality and traits.

Check out other crystal names that could work for your cat or dog:

  • Labradorite, or if the name it’s too long, you can choose Dory
  • Jade, from the known stone of happiness and good fortune
  • Aquamarine, or the shorter version, Aqua
  • Smoky, a great name inspired by smoky quartz
  • Flora, from the soothing fluorite crystal
  • Moon, a name idea that comes from the moonstone crystal

About the Author:

Xenia Mateiu is a proud pet parent of Hero, a cute and cheerful Maltese dog. She is also the owner of Village Rock Shop, a Carlsbad-based shop. Here, anyone passionate about crystals, gems, and geodes can come and find inspiration besides accessible local products. Village Rock Shop is also a welcoming place for those who would love to see monarch butterflies hatch in spring and feel closer to nature.

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