Bad Dog: How to Curb a Biting Problem on Your Own

If you have a dog or puppy that bites, you need to stop the habit as quickly as possible. This could become something that leads to you having to focus on personal injury law. There are techniques for reducing biting in any dog. Learn them and use them on your puppy the moment you see the biting behavior.


When a puppy's play turns to biting, another puppy playing with him might yelp. This is a natural communication that says the mouthing has gone too far. You can use this signal to help stop the biting. If your puppy bites, yelp. You will surprise the puppy and it will be likely to let go of you. If you have to do this three or four times in a ten-minute period, separate yourself from the puppy. This will indicate that you can't play if he is going to bite.

Use Tug of War

Play a game of tug of war with your dog. Teach them to let go of the rope on your command. Choose something like, "let go" as your command and wait until your dog drops the rope. You can help things along by dropping the rope yourself. This will teach your dog when to stop using her mouth to hold something.

Socialize Your Dog

Other dogs are the best teachers. Find ways to allow your dog to play with other dogs, preferably under human supervision. It is okay for a dog to mouth another dog, but when it turns to biting, dogs will quickly correct each other. This can help reinforce your anti-biting lessons at home. Socializing with other pet owners is great, but a lawyer with a focus on personal injury law says to be sure they are somewhat trained around humans before going all in.

Stop Ankle Nipping

Some dogs like to nip at the ankles. The treatment for this is to keep a chew toy in your pocket. When the dog nips at you, offer the toy as an alternative. Always stop immediately when the nipping begins and wait for the dog to stop biting. Then offer the toy as a reward for good behavior.


Dogs will be dogs. In some herding breeds, nipping at running animals in instinctive. In others, they simply don't know the difference between mouthing and biting. It is your responsibility to teach your dog not to bite. With some sound techniques and a little patience, you can have a safe dog.

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