Are Pets Allowed in a Rideshare Like Uber?

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Because many people nowadays prefer to use public transportation and rideshares rather than buying a car, the issue of how to transport a pet on holiday has become increasingly important. Is your pet allowed in rideshare like an Uber? The answer depends. There are a number of reasons why you might choose to use a rideshare or take the bus with your pet. Perhaps you're going out to dinner or the park, which is too far for you to walk to. Perhaps your dog needs grooming, or perhaps he or she requires emergency veterinary treatment. Whatever the case may be, there are several alternatives for transporting them.

What if Your Pet is a Service or Emotional Support Animal?

Standard pets are usually not permitted to be on public transportation unless they have special paperwork or designation. A service animal would be able to, for example. A service animal is often a dog that has been certified to assist people with disabilities, such as physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental impairments. Even if there is a "no pets" rule in effect, passengers traveling with a service animal cannot be excluded from the bus.

The same cannot be said for emotional support animals. Emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals since they aren't required to perform a specific task. Therapy dogs are also not permitted to be on transportation. However, you may find different regulations regarding animal travelers wherever you go.

Your Pet And Transportation

When it comes to transporting your pet on public transportation, everyone has different rules. Amtrak accepts pets on its trains, but only four per train can be carried at once. New York's municipal transportation requires pets to be in carrier crates. Meanwhile, San Francisco requires traveling dogs to be leashed or muzzled.

It's best to make your travel plans with the regulations in mind beforehand and to always do the following with your pet:

  • Help your pet get comfortable around other people and in public
  • Keep their health or vet records with you
  • Check pet regulations for the transportation company you're using

Can You Bring Your Pet Into a Rideshare?

Service animals must be allowed to ride in an Uber at all times. While other pets, such as emotional support dogs, are generally left up to the driver. Aside from when required by law, your Uber or Lyft driver ultimately makes the call.

You can do the following to help get your driver on your side:

  • Let the driver know beforehand that you will be bringing your pet.
  • Walk to a pick-up point so your pet can use the bathroom or tire themselves out before getting in the car.
  • Keep the car's seats clean with a towel as you're not the only customer the driver has today.
  • Tip your driver handsomely for being agreeable.

Bringing your pet in a taxi or public transportation is not difficult. Prepare ahead of time by doing some research and bringing anything that makes your pet happy, such as their favorite foods or a blanket, to keep them calm.

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