9 Ways To Restore Shine And Softness To Your Dog's Coat

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Personal grooming takes time to get skin softness and sheen. Just like your skin grooming, dogs also need adequate health attendance and pampering to maintain coat health.

To get your furry pet developing a shiny and vibrant coat isn’t just about dabbing pet-friendly creams and lotions. Consider diet, exercise, natural oils, and nourishing treats for your canine friend to get the most coveted coat. Here are nine tips to keep your dog’s fur coat looking silky and more manageable.

1. Emphasize On Protein Diet.

A dull coat lacking shine is often a result of a poor-quality diet. Proteins add health and luster to hair. A dog’s coat has 90% protein. Thus less protein intake can harm your dog's coat health. When buying dog food, look for protein as a primary ingredient.

Feed your dog a protein-rich and amino acid diet to create building blocks for their natural coat. Chicken or lamb is best for your dog’s protein requirement. Focus on it more, instead of soy, corn, or wheat. Make grains, animal by-products, and preservatives secondary while making a diet chart for your furry animal.

2. Turn To Natural Supplements.

Diet and nutrition are certain ways to keep your dog’s coat glossy and healthy. Your pup may suffer from constant itching, biting, and licking; shed hair coats and get serious infections. Some medications and topicals have unnatural ingredients that may cause adverse side effects.

3. Pamper Your Dog With Oils And Omega.

An omega-rich diet is highly beneficial to your dog’s skin. Look for puppy food containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to combat dry skin, hair loss, and general irritation. Alternatively, you can add fish, fish oil, or flaxseed oil to your dog’s bowl. If your pup is keen on eating fresh fish, serve your canine friend a small amount of raw or cooked fish (sardines, tuna, or salmon are suitable for your mongrel) to improve the dog’s coat.

Watch your pet’s tolerance to this diet pattern for a week and increase the portions appropriately. Mix one teaspoon of flaxseed or fish oil into your dog’s diet. Avoid going overboard as it may upset your dog’s stomach. You may also consider adding popular vegetable oils like sunflower oil, safflower oil, rapeseed oil, or supplements to your pooch’s diet to increase the omega power. Stick to putting one teaspoon for a small dog and a tablespoon for a large dog. 

4. Pay Attention To Pet Grooming.

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Brush your dog regularly. This will enhance skin oil production, energize the skin and promote hair follicles’ growth. Invest in a quality standard hairbrush to take care of your dog’s coat.

Give your dog a bath once a week with organic pet shampoos containing natural ingredients. It will help preserve your dog’s coat and reduce skin irritation or itching. Avoid shampooing your dog’s eyes in the bathing ritual.  

5. Consider Oatmeal Bath To Calm Dry and Itchy Skin.

Summer and staying in a dust-prone environment may make your dog’s skin anxious and itchy. An oatmeal bath can relieve your dog’s irritable skin with inbuilt Vitamin E for soft and shiny skin.

Grind oatmeal in a food processor till you get a flour-like consistency. Now fill your bathtub with lukewarm water, add oatmeal powder and stir until you notice foam. Put your furry animal in the bathtub for a full soak of the oatmeal-infused water. Rinse off after five to ten minutes, and pat dry. 

6. Massage Dog Coat With Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies to nourish dehydrated skin and hair. Apply it to your dog’s coat for instant and healthy shine. Coconut oil also prevents skin infections and locks in moisture after a lukewarm bath.

You may also try adding a few drops of coconut oil to shampoo for a smooth effect. For internal intake, put a teaspoon of coconut oil in your dog meals for healthy digestion and moisturized skin.

7. Make Your Dog Fitness Animal.


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Aside from a balanced diet and grooming, take your dog out for regular walks and workouts. Your pet must practice daily exercise for a toned body.

Exercise also makes your dog a friendly animal and visibly improves its outward appearance; eyes, tail, face, and a healthy coat.

8. Don’t Forget Pest Protection!

Ticks and fleas can irritate your dog’s skin, triggering scratch-and-bite. While flea control may seem a massive task, go in for a regular vacuum and bed wash to sanitize your place of pests and bugs.

Prune your lawn grass. This will reduce fleas’ growth in dogs and prevent pests from hopping on your pet.

9. Consult Vet For Your Pup’s Skin Health.

Most medical issues in pets can affect skin health. Pesky parasites like tapeworms, body infections, thyroid problems can cause distressing dog coats. Stress and anxiety can also lead to an unhealthy coat.

If your dog constantly complains of flaky and itchy skin, book an immediate appointment with a qualified veterinarian for fast and effective remedies.     


Making your dogs’ coats gleaming is a tough job. Do your homework on pet-friendly natural oils, combs, and shampoos, and consult a trained vet to simplify your dog’s hygiene.


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