8 Reasons to Get Your Family a Dog

Are you thinking about getting a family pet? While all animals are special in their own way, dogs are arguably the best pets for families — even those with small children. With their soulful eyes, kind faces and furry bodies, it won’t take long for this cuddly pet to wiggle its way into your heart. Young or old, canines can have a remarkable impact on a child’s life.

Keep reading to discover eight reasons to get your family a dog, besides receiving endless kisses:

1. Teach Responsibility

Your children can learn responsibility by caring for a pet. If you put them in charge of feeding the pooch and taking it for walks, you can begin teaching them responsible behavior from a young age.

This is also an excellent way for your kids to learn about consequences. If they leave their toys on the floor, a puppy might chew and damage them. Your youngsters will quickly learn to care for their items or face the repercussions.

2. Enjoy Companionship

It’s hard to feel upset when playing with a puppy. You’ll never have to come home to an empty house, even when the kids are at school. Dogs are known as man’s best friend because they are happiest when they are at their human’s side. If you are seeking an animal to provide companionship, a dog would be the perfect match. Unlike cats, canines prefer it when they are around their family.

Prepare yourself — when you get a puppy, you will suddenly have a lifelong friend who will want to go everywhere with you.

3. Encourage Outdoor Play

Dogs love to go for walks outdoors. By owning one as a family, it causes your children to spend more time outside. Outdoor play provides significant emotional, physical, social and intellectual benefits for children. Modern kids are spending hours in front of the television screen instead of enjoying nature.

As a result, their health and peer-to-peer relationships are suffering. With your dog in tow, your kids can use all of their senses as they explore the outdoors and develop their independence. While playing outside, your children can expand their communication skills and become more comfortable with the environment.

4. Enjoy Protection

Many canines are protective of their families. They consider the family to be a part of their pack and will defend you and your children against potential intruders. Even if your pooch is amiable, many dog breeds look intimidating and will keep potential burglars away. As a parent, having your child walk with a pup may put your mind at ease.

If protection is a priority for you, research online to find a guardian breed that displays the traits you want in a house pet.

5. Appreciate Their Loyalty

Dogs will greet you the moment you enter the room. As their caretakers, you provide them with food, shelter and compassion, and in return, you earn their loyalty. Most canines are loving and affectionate, and bonding comes naturally with time. As you show them kindness, they grow closer to you, and you become a part of their pack. There are many stories of dogs who had such a strong bond that they were loyal even after the owner had passed away.

6. Learn About Unconditional Love

Pups look at you like you’re the best person ever. While you might know your family loves you, dogs demonstrate it every day by showing you their genuine joy. It’s an indescribable feeling which is uplifting even on the darkest days.

Having a dog display their emotions so openly offers a learning experience for children. It may even help them express their own feelings more freely. Your entire family will bond with the pooch, allowing them to experience unconditional love from a being other than their relatives.

7. Practice Caregiving

When you introduce a dog, your children learn to think of other living beings besides themselves. This is a precious lesson, especially if you have an only child. Suddenly, they begin to understand the importance of routine checkups and personal hygiene.

By caring for a pup, they begin to comprehend essential life lessons, including sickness and eventually death.

8. Reduce Stress and Loneliness

Cuddling and playing with a pet releases oxytocin, which strengthens bonds and creates feelings of trust. By having a dog for companionship, adults and children will experience less stress and loneliness. Everyone wants to feel love and affection rather than seclusion or isolation. Cuddling your pet can help calm your emotions and reduce anxiety. You can even take your pup to become certified as a licensed support animal if you’d like.

As your children age, the puppy will grow with them. For many people, their pet becomes an equal part of the family. You can even talk to your animal — though whether they understand it is another story.

Save a Life

Your family can experience these eight benefits with any dog type. Keep in mind some breeds have unique qualities that will influence their personalities. Consider taking an online quiz to help you find a canine to suit your family’s needs. If you qualify, adopting a dog will save its life and teach your children a valuable lesson about unconditional beauty and love.

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