7 Things To Remember After You Spay Your Cat

Are you worried about your cat having unwanted kittens? Luckily, there is a process for this, but you need to be aware of what happens after the procedure to ensure your lovely feline friend is comfortable.

Spaying cats is the surgical removal of a cat's ovaries and uterus. Cats above four months of age can undergo this procedure. Spaying cats prevents them from unwanted pregnancies and reduces the risk of certain medical conditions and behavioral problems.

Like any other major surgery with anesthetics, there is a need for special care and comfort. As a cat owner, you will want to do your best and follow your vet's advice for a quick recovery for your cat.

Below is everything you need to know about caring for your cat after the surgery so she can get to her old self in no time:

1. Keep Your Cat Indoors 

Keep her indoors for at least 48 hours after the procedure. This will allow her to rest in a warm, quiet place. A special cat bed for older cats or a spacious one for younger cats should work well to give the wound ample time to start healing.

Don't let them scratch or lick the surgical area. If allowed to roam outside before the incision totally heals, there is a high risk of surgical site infection.

2. Make an Appointment To Recheck 

Make an appointment to recheck her in the veterinary after a few days. The veterinarian should remove the stitches. You should also consider getting a collar to prevent the cat from interfering with the stitches.

3. Monitor Her Eating And Drinking

Limit her water and food intake upon returning home after the procedure. Offer the cat a little bit of water after a few hours and later, after an hour, a small amount of normal food.

This should prevent them from vomiting or developing aspiration pneumonia following the anesthesia and surgery they just undertook. If the normal eating habits don't resume the following morning, call your veterinarian.

4. Check Medication

Your cat may be prescribed medication to aid in the healing and recovery process. Remember to give the cat the medication, especially pain killers, prescribed by the veterinarian on time and on schedule.

The painkillers will ease her pain and discomfort after medications administered during the surgery wear off. It's important never to give her the meds you use as pain killers, only those administered by her veterinarian.

5. Take Care of The Wound

The incision site should be kept clean. You can apply a topical wound product prescribed by the vet. It will reduce the inflammation and speed up the healing process.

Don't panic if the suture gets a bit redder. It shows the wound is healing normally.

Taking care of the wound not only speeds the healing process. It subdues the irritation, reducing the chances of biting and licking. Contact the vet if the skin around the wound swells, seeps blood, or emits a bad smell.

6. Bathing And Swimming

Don't bathe your cat or allow them in a water body until the stitches have been removed.

Wait for at least 2 weeks until the skin incision heals to wash her.

7. Exercise Restrictions

Keep the cat occupied in some quiet activities. Teach her a new trick. Extreme activities like jumping or running can tear the stitches resulting in bleeding and other problems.

You should try and restrict your cat activities. Take this time to bond and get closer with your feline buddy.

The best way to help your cat recover is to keep in touch with her veterinarian and ask for advice regarding your cat's care. Get any follow up care that she may need. After a few days, you will be back having all the fun with your four-legged friend. 

 About the Author:

Hey, I’m Amy and I’m in love with my Pets! I have a diverse variety, including 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 rabbit, 1 guinea pig, and a beautiful macaw. I love writing about everything pet-related and spend as much time as I can sharing my personal experiences on my blog. SmartCatLovers.org

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