7 Pooch-Friendly Tips to Make Your Country-Style Kitchenette Look Amazing

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Country kitchens have a charming feel that’s impossible not to love. They’re designed to be used, with a down-to-earth style that makes the kitchen appear warm, lived in, and ready for the next meal. With a focus on natural materials and fine craftsmanship, country kitchens are incredibly inviting: the true heart of the home. If you’re designing a country kitchen in a house with a dog, you don’t have to let them take over the entire house! Instead, use the right materials and color schemes for your pet to help them feel at home while maintaining that classic country look and atmosphere.

Color Matters

Choosing a color scheme that reflects your pet’s coat isn’t just a sweet nod to your favorite furry friend. It’s also a great way to keep their fur from showing up quite so brilliantly against your kitchen backdrop. If you know you’re going to have a pet in the house, especially a large one or one who sheds a great deal, there are some color schemes that you’ll want to avoid unless you want to spend what feels like half your life cleaning your kitchen: light, airy hues are much more likely to reflect all the dirt they’ve picked up, from pet fur to the dirt they track in from outdoors. Instead, go for the more ornate English country feel and use strong hues from nature. Try bright reds, deep greens, and rich purples to create a gorgeous effect you’ll love.

Color isn’t the only important consideration when choosing your paint, either. Flat-finish paint is nearly impossible to clean, making it a poor choice for any household with pets or children. Satin and eggshell finishes offer an elegant touch that’s much easier to wipe down when dirt makes its way onto the walls or cabinets. Always choose a washable wall paint to make cleaning a breeze.

Backsplashes That Make Your Kitchen

Your backsplash is the best place to really let your kitchen shine. Take advantage of your backsplash to showcase intricate patterns that include a variety of texture and colors. You can create rustic scenes, reproduce classic artwork, and more. Not quite your style? Try a terracotta backsplash or a mosaic; check out subway tile options; or consider penny tile. See here for inspiration.

Appliances and Accessories 

It’s your accessories that will really make or break your kitchen. Keeping knickknacks in dog range, however, is a surefire recipe for disaster! Instead, try using antique brass hardware, paneled walls, and a hammered-steel island or pot rack to make your statement. Classic farm sinks in stainless steel or porcelain will also go a long way toward creating a gorgeous kitchen that you’ll love to cook in. If you do happen to scavenge some gorgeous vintage pieces from yard sales, flea markets, or thrift stores, make sure that they’re out of doggy range, neatly displayed where you’ll be able to appreciate them for years to come.

7 Pooch-Friendly Tips to Make Your Country-Style Kitchenette Look Amazing

Image Source

Fabrics and Patterns to Survive Your Dog

You’ve raised a well-mannered pooch who stays off of the furniture…well, at least most of the time. Unfortunately, your best effort aren’t always enough to prevent paw prints, drool, and dander from staining some of your favorite seat cushions or even your curtains. Instead of getting mad at your furry friend, prepare for the necessity of cleaning ahead of time! Use stain-resistant fabrics to make it easier to wipe down surfaces and get those cushions looking great again. You can also try crypton, leather, or ultrasuede to create an easy-to-clean surface that will reflect your style at the same time.

Cookware and Utensils

Cookware and utensils in a country kitchen are usually traditional stainless steel. When you have a pet on hand, that’s even better! You won’t have to worry about your dog gnawing on expensive cutlery. Do, however, make sure that your utensils are up out of puppy range to prevent damage to your pet.

Dog-Friendly Flooring

Bare floors are the way to go in a kitchen that shares a house with a dog, but bare doesn’t have to mean boring! Choose hard surface floors to make cleaning a snap. You have plenty of options: concrete, stone, terrazzo, brick, hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, laminate, bamboo, cork, and vinyl. If you’re feeling a little more creative, try randomly placed slate cobblestone tiles, a floor made of paved brick, or even barn-board planking.

An extensive use of natural woods and traditional accessories will create a true farmhouse feel in your kitchen. You want to welcome friends and family members into the kitchen, creating a warm, welcoming space that is both functional and beautiful. Even better, your country kitchen space can be made pet-friendly and more accessible to man’s best friend. 



Fay WeinFay Wein is a communication specialist and blogger, nature lover, mom and wife (not in that order!) 




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