7 HVAC Maintenance Tips For Your Pet-Friendly Home

While furry friends are a lot of fun in the family, their area can immensely impact the air quality of your air- especially if there’s a person allergic in your family. Pet fur can get into the air, and no amount of cleaning can make it completely go away. That is why HVAC preventive maintenance is essential to keep your unit and air quality in working condition even when your pet is shedding. 

HVAC Maintenance Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home 

There are countless homeowners with animals who make sure to extend the life of their systems while keeping their homes pet-friendly. To be one of them, look at the different tips to keep the home pet-friendly while ensuring that the system runs smoothly. 

Clean Your Home Regularly 

You can prevent allergies and minimize the risk to your HVAC system by simply cleaning regularly. Time to time cleaning is imperative if you have pets as all the pet dander flies around, which can further damage your units. Generally, you should do this 2-3 times a week to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness in your home for you and your furry friends. 

Replace The Air Filters Regularly 

Small particles, including debris and fur, can get tangled in the filters, eventually leading to airflow blockage. If you want to prevent your system from  breakdowns, make a point to replace the air filters regularly.  

Regular Cleaning Of The Fur and Hair 

Having cats, dogs, and other animals as pets will further damage the air ducts, which can even get clogged. As there will be an increase in the fur, hair, and debris in the home, your HVAC can immensely get affected. As pet hair can get rough on your appliances and HVAC systems, ensure to follow proper measures to clean them. Regularly bathe and brush your pets to lessen the amount of collected dirt and other allergens. 

Get The Air Ducts Cleaned 

The indoor quality of your air can suffer if the air ducts are not clean from time to time. Air ducts can collect house dust, allergens, and other irritants, which can get back inside your house, circulating infected air. One of the imperative steps that you can take in HVAC preventive maintenance is to get the air ducts cleaned. However, it can only be handled by a professional company. 

Maintaining your HVAC system is important as it will keep your unit in the best condition. But, you should note that cleaning the air ducts is imperative, even if you don’t own a pet.  

Keep The HVAC Properly Secure 

Ensure proper safety around the system. Make sure that the vents are properly screwed down, ensuring proper coverage outside the pet's reach as calling for emergency heating repairs can be a nightmare. 

One thing that you can do if you want to save yourself from the trouble of hiring and searching for a local technician is to invest in a HVAC home warranty. A home warranty will cover the HVAC units as a whole and you will have a service technician at your doorstep in case of a sudden breakdown. But, make sure to read the HVAC home warranty company's sample contract to know what all is covered under the offered plan. 

Regular Maintenance from The Experts 

Having experts check and service the HVAC system regularly is an essential thing that you should do for your system’s extended life. The experts properly clean and dust away the furs and debris collected from the unit. So, it is recommended to get your HVAC serviced once a year to ensure its proper functioning and extended running life. 

Fence The Outdoor Unit 

You can take different steps when considering HVAC preventive maintenance, one of them being hiding or covering the outdoor AC unit. Protecting the system from foreign particles will benefit you and your unit. It will even stop your pet or any other pet from chewing, scratching, or urinating on the system’s components. The system can even be further destroyed because of it, causing it to damage. 

Final Thoughts 

Make it a habit to keep up with the HVAC maintenance schedule. A house with pets tends to be full of fur and dirt, which can stress the unit more. Ensure that you have timely maintenance schedules and tune-ups. Your technician will make sure to provide proper maintenance services and suggest how to take the best care of your unit along with protecting it from excessive pet fur and hair. 

That being said, following the above tips will help your pet to be safe and HVAC in a properly functioning system.

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