7 Best Pet-friendly Hotels in the United States

Everyone owns a pet these days and when you go on a vacation you cannot leave your baby alone because of the bond you have. That is why when you go on a vacation you need a pet-friendly hotel. A pet welcoming hotel will not only accommodate you but also your animal and provide him with all the basic amenities such as bedding, leashes, collars or litter boxes etc. It will make sure that it’s having fun. Here are seven hotels in the United States that are pet-friendly and ensure to take care of your pet:

1.    Havana Cabana Key West

Havana Cabana Key West is situated on the waterfront in Key West. This hotel has the right kind of Cuba touch to it giving its customers a location that is filled with charm and character. Havana Cabana is the first hotel that is the most pet welcoming because of its environment. It has a really peaceful environment that makes sure that your pet does not get aggressive. The hotels poolside is graced by the sound of Flamingo guitar and they provide you with bicycle or Vintage Vespa on which you and your pet can go and explore the town.

2.    Harrah’s Gulf Coast

This hotel is located on the beaches of Biloxi, Mississippi. It not only provides you with a 33000 square foot casino, lavish dining amenities like Magnolia House, Steak n Shake and Flavors Buffet, a sports bar and lounge, a Starbuck coffeehouse but it only provides relaxation treat to you and your pet both. It has a salon and spa that will accommodate you both and make sure to give you the best spa of your life. It also has a great lawn where you can easily take your partner out for a walk and spend a great time together.

3.    Loews Santa Monica

If there’s any pet-friendly hotel that deserves to be called a true animal lover of this world, it’s Loews. Either you have a pet dog or a ferocious tiger, all of the animals are welcome here. They treat animals with the right amount of love and care and provide all the basic amenities so that both you and your animal can stay happy. They provide your animal with bowls, bed, dog walkers and everything that will make your partners vacation more fulfilling.  It’s different from other hotels because it provides a beach facility and also teaches surfing to your animal.

4.    Tamarack Lodge and Resort

An amazing choice for your vacation, Tamarack Lodge and Resort is situated near Mammoth lakes giving you a breathtaking view and a romantic environment. It offers a kitchenette for each of your guests. Tamarack Lodge is best at providing seafood and a free breakfast to all its travelers. It guarantees a lifetime experience for you and your animal. It also has pet-friendly cabins.

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5.    Ironworks Hotel Indy

A 19th century inspired hotel with a mix of industrial and modern charm, this hotel promises an excellent service. If you have a pet and you take him everywhere and you both are inseparable, this hotel is the right place for you because it lets you take your best buddy everywhere even if it’s an expensive restaurant.

6.    Deane’s Oceanfront Lodge

Deane’s Oceanfront is located in Yachats, Oregon. The best thing about this hotel is that it gives a private beach access to all of the people staying there which mean that you and your pet can freely roam around the beach whenever you want. Each room has its own coffee maker, microwave, TV and covered patios with BBQ. It has a staff that is extremely amiable to your deg and makes sure that you and your pet has everything.

7.    Hampton Inn and Suites

An everyday treat for both of you, Hampton Inn and Suites is located in the perfect location. It’s situated in North Conway and in the Mount Washington Valley. It has over 100 tax-free outlets nearby assuring the best shopping experience for you. It has a huge park for your children and their fur buddies. The park includes two or three slides and also, afoot indoor water park. There are no additional fees for animals and it does not cost a lot compared to other hotels. An open and pleasant walking path along with cleaning up stations taking care of hygienic adventure.


In short, above mentioned hotels that are based all over the United States is committed to bringing a different and perfect experience to not only for you and your family but the little creatures that you cannot leave at home. They have all kinds of amenities and resources that will make both of you feel at home.

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